Results of BAA ART LIFE in gynecology

MV NOZDRYAKOVA, MD dermatologist, venereal diseases, OV Noskov, general practitioner, Nizhny Novgorod

Patient T., aged 50
For two years, suffered from pathological climacteric.

Complaints: Feeling hot flushes by 10-15 times a day, frequent headaches during the day, which were stopped only analgesics, irritability, fatigue. 
Especially painful bore tides often occur at night, because it disrupts sleep and deprived of opportunities to relax.
Were also observed violations of the musculoskeletal system: pain in the elbow, knee joints, weakness in the arms, inability to raise 1.5 kg, aching pain in the legs.
Traditional treatment regimens do not have the desired effect, and brought only temporary relief. Of hormonal preparations woman adamantly refused.
Recommended: add to the treatment of BAA ART LIFE FORMULA WOMAN scheme: the first 4 days to 2 tablets 2 times a day, then 1 tablet 2 times a day for 1 month. 
The second week of admission the patient noted that headaches were less likely to occur, reduced the multiplicity of analgesics. Improved mood, decreased irritability. Manifestations of other symptoms become milder. By the end of months of treatment significantly reduced the intensity and frequency of hot flashes occur, normalized sleep, increased efficiency. The patient did not complain of pain in the legs, the other joint pains diminished. Over the next three months, taking supplements was discontinued (financial difficulties). At the same time, due to the well-being on his own initiative, stopped taking all other drugs. Pathological climacteric symptoms are not renewed. In the future, a scheme taking preventive doses of supplements FORMULA WOMAN, 10 days a month. Currently taking supplements Kaltsimaks, cat's claw. Feels good.
Patient L., 21 years in the past three years bothered recurring dull vague pain in the lumbar region on the right, aggravated by a long walk, after heavy lifting, exposure to cold, subfebrilitet (37,2-37,4 ° C). To the doctor did not apply, for pain relief taken no-silos. Medical advice sought only three months nazad.Pri examination revealed: pallor of skin and visible mucous membranes, pastoznost, tenderness effleurage lumbar area to the right.
In general, blood analysis: hemoglobin 95 g / l, b - 12x109, ESR 20 mm / h.
In general, the analysis of urine: alkaline reaction, urine turbid, the density is reduced, the traces of protein, Ayr - 8 in the field of view, b - 20 in the field of view of bacteriuria, phosphate crystals. Ultrasound kidney: pyelocaliceal system distorted the right kidney, diffuse heterogeneity of the renal parenchyma, signs of the presence of sand in the right kidney.
Diagnosis: chronic right-sided recurrent pyelonephritis, the phase of exacerbation.
Recommended: a diet rich in proteins, ascorbic acid, 5-NOK, biologically active food supplement RENSEPT.
The patient had planned pregnancies and therefore refused to receive chemotherapy. On a diet. Took RENSEPT 1 tablet 2 times a day. In the first two days of admission the patient noted increased pain in the lumbar region, it was recommended to start taking 5-NOK, and reduce the dosage RENSEPT, but the woman decided to continue taking. Pain gradually decreased and by the end of the second week, suddenly resumed, accompanied by the release of sand in the urine (visual control). After this condition has improved, the pain did not recur. Receiving RENSEPT continued another 1,5 months on the background of well-being. In urine and blood samples (repeated every 10 days) - there was a gradual normalization of the indicators. Samples for testing at the end of the second month of receiving RENSEPT - without pathology. Body temperature is normal. Ultrasound kidneys - concretions were found.