The use of dietary supplements ART LIFE in gynecologic pathology

In carrying out our survey (poll) menstruating girls and women up to 50-70% of them notes crashes menstrual cycle and 30-50% - repeated violations, including painful menstruation and premenstrual syndrome. The cause of menstrual disorders is a hormonal imbalance, and failure may occur at any level of regulation of the cyclic production of sex hormones at any age. For the formative period of the menstrual function within 6-12 months after menarche in normal hormonal homeostasis is characterized by instability. A survey of schoolgirls, students and older women reveals the same instability of the system of female genital mutilation. More and more patients with adolescent gynecology. The structure of pathological defeats adolescent girls predominate menstrual function (up to 34-42%), rejection (delayed) at puberty (15-21%). Characteristically, the inside of menstrual disorders, juvenile bleeding conceded first place gipomenstrualnomu syndrome and amenorrhea. This fact indicates that more serious than in previous years, functional disorders of the reproductive system.
For many of today's girls are typical gipoestrogeniya and functional adrenal hyperandrogenism, which is manifested in the form of blurred shapes virilnogo syndrome. All girls with persistent anovulation are at a relative form of infertility in the future, which is often borne out in practice. Functional disorders of the reproductive system often occur due to exposure to Gonadotoxic factors, including environmental ones. It must be remembered that many factors such as smoking, alcohol, drugs, toxins, overuse pharma, carelessness with household cleaning products, hypovitaminosis are a group of "disposable". This is important in terms of both prevention and treatment of hormone homeostasis. Vitamin therapy is used for a long time - 3-4, and on some recommendations, up to 6 months. Application of biologically active food additives (BAA) in combination with micronutrients appropriate long-term treatment and even more for prevention.
At a delay of pubertal development that has arisen due to a deficiency of body weight, hormone therapy is contraindicated. Treatment should begin with the use of cardiovascular biologics firms ARTLIFE (NEYROSTRONG 1 tablet in the morning, after eating, within 30 days), symptomatic and vitamin therapy (overall and cycle), enzymes (enzyme complex plus 1 tablet 2-3 times daily , for 20 minutes before a meal, the rate of 30 days) diets.
For treatment of menstrual disorders in adolescence diencephalic syndrome, many pharmaceuticals are contraindicated, because There are undesirable side effects (hyperprolactinaemia in reserpine, violations of lipolysis in betaadrenoblokatorov, powerful sedatiki increase dysfunction posterior regions of the hypothalamus). In this case, the invaluable role played by phytocomplex (Supplements). For regulating the activity of subcortical structures used Good Night 1 capsule 30 minutes before bedtime for 30 days, NEYROSTRONG 1 tablet in the morning, after eating, to restore cerebral blood flow, brain food, dehydration.
The use of hormones in the menstrual dysfunction of central origin unjustified, because reason lies in the violation of cerebral function, and ovarian dysfunction is secondary. For the normalization of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal system nonhormonal methods of better therapeutic and preventive effect makes the appointment of the first phase of multivitamin complexes: Discovery CHARM, laminarin, Green Star, the second phase - FORMULA WOMEN 10-15 days before menstruation, 2 tablets in the morning after the meal for 3-4-6 months. From 70 to 100% of the patients noted a steady rhythm and painless menstruation within 3-6 months after the application of these drugs.