Experience of using dietary supplements LIFE ART in treatment and prevention of prostate diseases and sexual disorders in men.

VA Sknaryov, PhD, urologist highest category, Emergency Care Hospital-2, Rostov-na-Donu
Benign prostatic hyperplasia (RTA) or BPH represents an increase in prostate volume. The disease occurs in 50% of men older than 50 years, 90% - over 80 years.
Numerous literature data indicate the effectiveness of biologically active additives (BAA).
In applying the BAA ARTLIFE FORMULA MEN reduced both day and night thamuria, significantly increases the maximum and average speed of urination in uroflowmetry data, reduces the amount of residual urine, increasing the total index scale 1R88, increased quality of life.
We have a course of treatment of 36 patients with an accident, which was contraindicated surgical treatment, there were no indications for surgery or patients for various reasons, refused surgery. The average total rate on a scale 1RSS up 18.38 points, quality of life - 3,5, the number of daytime urination - 8.95, the number of nighttime urination - 3,6. Residual urine measurement by transabdominal ultrasonography in the mean was equal to 80.95, with an average speed of urination -6.06 ml / sec. Prostate volume ranged from 30 cm3. Comprehensive check-up performed after 3 months in 27 patients.
The results showed that patients taking supplements FORMULA FOR MEN, significantly reduced the symptoms of an accident: you reduce the scale 1RSS an average of 6.33 points, decreased residual urine at 42.9 ml, increased urination at maximum speed of 4 ml / sec. According to the transabdominal or transrectal ultrasound prostate, was not noted as a significant decrease and increase in prostate volume.
Thus, the data from our studies indicate a significant reduction in signs of bladder outlet obstruction in patients with BPH in the application FORMULA MEN 3 months.
When complications of BPH urinary tract infection was prescribed supplements RENSEPT.
In order to systemic enzyme therapy in some patients, the regimen included COMPLEX ENZYME PLUS, given the pronounced anti-inflammatory action of this enzyme complex.
Chronic prostatitis (CP) - One of the most common diseases in men. They suffer from 20 to 80% of men over 25 years. We were treated 48 patients with chronic prostatitis. Along with the classical scheme - prostate massage, the normalization of immune status (Neovir, tsikloferon, etc.), antibacterial, anti-inflammatory therapy, physical therapy (heat therapy, phonophoresis, diadinamoforez, magneto-laser therapy of transrectal transducers), a complex treatment included the use of dietary supplements company ART LIFE.
During antibiotic therapy in patients with recommended BIFIDOBAK, ATSIDOBAK. The complex treatment included systemic enzyme therapy using the enzyme complex PLUS. FORMULA men to use because of its angio-tread, and anti-inflammatory properties antiexudative.
Is of great importance and ability of one component - Pygeum Africanum-suppressing processes sclerosing cancer.
Comparative studies with a group of CP patients who were treated without the use of dietary supplements (73 patients) showed better results in the treatment group receiving parapharmaceutics.
Thus, pain, discomfort in the perineum and urethra were stopped by an average of 7.6 days earlier. Normalization of leukocyte count in trehstakannoy breakdown occurs earlier in 4.8 days. Normalized rates of prostate secretion in 76% of patients in the other came a significant improvement of these indicators, while in the control group, normalization and improvement in prostate secretion were respectively 62% and 16%.
In 60% of patients with prostatitis were noted various violations of the copulative function - decreased libido, deterioration in quality of erection, duration of the breach of sexual intercourse and orgasm of wear. They recommended that yohimbe supplementation COMPLEX PLUS in conjunction with the Discovery Charm, Green Star and LECITHIN ranging from 1 to 3 months.
Analysis of results showed significant improvement or complete normalization of all components of the copulative cycle in the vast majority of these patients (78%) compared with the control group (62%).
Described Supplements recommended by us as for the prevention of exacerbations of the above types of pathology. Analysis of the effectiveness of these preventive measures will be the subject of our future research.
Thus, our first experience with clinical use of dietary supplements ARTLIFE in some urological diseases suggests undeniable positive effect of the inclusion of these funds in the complex treatment and prevention. Further studies are needed to clarify the testimony of, charts of supplement in various clinical situations.