The use of dietary supplements ART LIFE RENSEPT in the treatment of chronic prostatitis.

DC YATSENKO, Centre for Sexology and Andrology EDO, Kemerovo
Therapeutic problems in chronic bacterial prostatitis (CKD) are associated with the biological status of the microorganism, on the one hand, and a barrier to the penetration of many drugs, on the other. According to the theory of ion exchange (capture), it depends on the degree of ionization. At acidic pH of prostatic secretion concentrations of weak bases will be 4-5 times higher than in blood plasma. However, clinical studies show that in CKD pH gland secretion rather neutral or alkaline. In such a pH is not a sufficient concentration in the prostate medication. It is known that treatment of CKD is complex and requires the development of more sophisticated approaches, especially in men with different reproductive disorders. According to recent WHO recommendations, the main indicators of semen standards. pH - 7,2-7,6; number of sperm in 1 ml - 20 million; activity of not less than 50%. In the 70 years of XX century, according to domestic and foreign researchers, normospermiya evaluated in the presence of at least 60 million sperm cells in 1 ml, the activity of not less than 70%, pH - 7,2-7,6. Doctors, who long ago to address the issue of male infertility, are guided by these norms male reproductive function.
According to the Center of Andrology and Sexology bureau in the last decade there was a trend to reduction in sperm and increase the uptake of men with mild symptoms of sexual constitution. Causes of reproductive function of most men by the beginning of a new century requires careful consideration. We found that out of a neurotic state helps to normalize the level of sperm parameters on the data of two decades ago.
In the treatment of CKD with reproductive dysfunction in 20 patients, we used a biologically active food additive (BAA) RENSEPT, according to company developed ARTLIFE recommendations on its implementation. The presence of CKD disease is confirmed by modern methods of diagnosis. Indicators of semen were within WHO guidelines. However, semen pH of 7 or less was observed in 8 (40%) and about 8,8 - 12 (60%) patients.
Control study showed not only the normalization of pH, but also an increase in reproductive performance to normal.
Confirmation of improved reproductive function was obtained by dynamic three-fold study of ejaculate in male observed.
In addition, 78 men, located in a barren marriage, "normospermii" by WHO, but similar abnormalities pH of ejaculate, and that in CKD, a course of treatment RENSEPT Supplements.
Patients were evaluated as bacterial prostatitis with idiopathic decrease in reproductive function. During the control study all patients showed normalization of pH. Significant improvement in quantitative and qualitative semen was observed in 24 (30.8%) patients. Minor changes in the direction of improvement was in 17 (21,8%), unchanged, in 37 (47,4%) patients. Conclusions:
1. Biologically active food supplement RENSPET has an antiseptic effect and sufficient penetrating capabilities into the prostate. In this case, normal pH of semen on the stages of its formation, which leads to favorable conditions for the viability of sperm.
2. In applying RENSEPT in men with CKD, the normalization of reproductive function, possibly broken micro-organisms of unknown toxicological action.
3. Obtained positive results when only one RENSEPT not preclude the simultaneous use of antibiotics, especially fluoroquinolones, the more other BAA men with idiopathic reproductive dysfunction.