The use of dietary supplements ART LIFE in inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system.

M.I, Bazin, SA Yegoshin, State Medical Academy, Krasnoyarsk
In recent years the number of women with inflammatory diseases of the uterus and appendages growing steadily, which in turn leads to disruption of ovarian-menstrual cycle, anovulatory bleeding, occurrence of infertility. In connection with this great role for a comprehensive rehabilitation therapy after suffering endometriita, adnexitis. Traditionally, a rehabilitation therapy includes bracing means biostimulants alternated with autohemotherapy, vitamins, physiotherapy, balneotherapy and pelloidoterapiya. However, conducting this treatment, we can not fully affect the ovarian-menstrual cycle, anovulatory bleeding prophylaxis, hyperpolymenorrhoea address the issue of reliable contraception. To this end, we have included in the complex rehabilitation therapy combined monophasic low-dose oral contraceptive marvelon in combination with biologically active additives (BAA) of ART LIFE (Discovery CHARM, LECITHIN, OIL ESSENTSIAL, stewed fruit GEPATON 3). Doses and combinations of supplements were selected individually, depending on the patient's body weight and blood biochemical parameters.
The study group included 50 women of reproductive age, after acute inflammation of the uterus and appendages, which alongside the traditional rehabilitation therapy was administered marvelon in conjunction with the BAA for a period of 6 months.
The control group consisted of 25 women of similar age, who after an acute inflammation of the genitals was conducted traditional rehabilitation therapy.
The study used the following methods:
1.Subektivnye: pain, leukorrhea, irregular menstruation, intermenstrual bleeding, nausea, breast engorgement, and acne.
2.Obektivnye: bimanual examination, ultrasonography, blood counts, fever and body weight. The average age of women was 24 years old. Worried by the fact that four out of five women interrupted the first pregnancy. In 78% of patients indicated poor premorbid background (chronic tonsillitis, chronic inflammatory disease of the gastrointestinal tract, pyelonephritis). The results of our biochemical and hematological studies showed that significant and reliable change indices occurred in patients of the group. This included leukocytic intoxication index and haematological toxicity, albumin level and albumin index-protein (A / T) ratio, and protein fractions, which were determined before and after treatment. Patients with the main group before the treatment were severe dysproteinemia, reflected in significantly less albumin, A / T ratio, a change in the level of globulins. In the treatment of A / T ratio was significantly increased from 0,99 ± 0,03 to 1,31 ± 0,04 (p <0.05) and after treatment with marvelona Supplements approaching women's health indicators (p> 0 , 05). As for A / T ratio in the control group, before treatment was significantly reduced (p> 0,01) and as a result of treatment has not been modified (p> 0.05) and did not come close to normal (p <0 , 05). Clinical evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment of nonspecific inflammatory diseases of the uterus and appendages. The disappearance of pain in the first group noted within 15 days in most patients (63,0 ± 7,1%), while the second group by this time observed a consistent trend to abort the process and normalization of the state in less than half the patients (49.0 ± 7,0%).
Despite ongoing therapy, in 20.7% of women of the second group during follow any aggravation of the inflammatory process. In women, the first group of deterioration occurred in only 7% of cases.
Thus, the inclusion marvelona and dietary supplements into a comprehensive rehabilitation therapy of inflammatory diseases of the uterus and appendages has reduced the number of women with irregular menstrual cycle, reduce the number of relapses of inflammatory genital tripled.