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Experience of using dietary supplements ART LIFE in inflammatory diseases of female genital

IA Gorbachev, regional rehabilitation center reproductive function during the 4 th Municipal Hospital, Krasnoyarsk
Our center opened in 1989 to provide specialist help couples suffering from infertility.
The frequency of infertility of 10-15%, and in some regions of Russia close to 20%. Infertility is the cause of 25% of divorces. At present, distinguish between the causes of male 16 and 22 causes of female infertility. Typically, one of the couple have several causes of infertility. Causes inflammatory changes in the reproductive organs are diseases, sexually transmitted infections (ZGGPP). These are primarily infections such as chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, trihomonioz, gonorrhea, and others. As a result of myocardial inflammation occurs tubal-peritoneal form of infertility. After a complete diagnosis and identify the cause of infertility was a complex treatment. The first step is the rate of anti-inflammatory treatment in hospital.
On the background of basic therapy used biologically active additives (BAA) from ART LIFE : FITOSORBOVIT, SUPERSHILD, IVLAKSIN, BIFIDOBAK, COMPLEX ENZYME PLUS.
During rehabilitation therapy in an outpatient setting in the background of the commonly used bracing means, bio-stimulators, physiotherapy used biologically active additives Green Star, Discovery CHARM, Formula WOMEN, VITAMIN E, COMPLEX WITH VITAMIN "C"; topical application using an aqueous solution of oil of a tea Wood (5-7 drops of tea tree oil to one tablespoon of boiled water). A course of treatment up to 10 tampons.
A group of women who take dietary supplements, was 90 people, ages 20 to 35 years. The effectiveness of the therapy with the use of dietary supplements were tried for the improvement and normalization of the main specific features of the female body - hormonal, menstrual, generative. The main criteria for the effectiveness of treatment were:
- The disappearance of pain;
- Reducing the number of days of menstruation from 6-7 to 3-5 days;
- Improvements in immunological, blood and the results of bacteriological study of the cervical canal and vagina;
- Improved colposcopic pattern (symptoms disappeared obesity, decreased in size erosion, in some cases there were areas of epithelialization ectopia of the cervix);
- According to the U.S., secondary melkokistoznoizmenennye ovaries as a result of myocardial inflammatory process to settle (are of normal size and structure of the tour);
- Improved performance of the basal temperature (the cycle was biphasic ovulatory);
- In chronic chlamydia titer Jg G decreased from 256 to 128, 64, 32,
- The number of bacteria of candidiasis decreased by 50-60%;
- Decreased number of recurrences of inflammation of genitals in 2 times;
- Increased rate of pregnancy from 19 to 28;
- The use of hormonal stimulation of ovulation in women who take dietary supplements, has been reduced by half. I have made findings provide widely recommend the use of dietary supplements in a comprehensive rehabilitation therapy women after previous inflammation of the uterus and appendages, as well as infertility.

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