The use of dietary supplements ART LIFE in obstetric practice.

AT Egorova, EV Klimchik, LV AMOSTAEVA
Conditions of modern life in an urban environment are a major cause of widespread free radical pathology underlying the pathogenesis of some diseases. In these circumstances, special activity takes direction on the search for natural antioxidants, which are a source of effective therapeutic and preventive properties.
In Krasnoyarsk, the deterioration of living standards, increasing social tensions and environmental troubles increased the frequency of complications of pregnancy: late gestosis - 17,8%, anemia in pregnant women, 40-60%, kidney disease, 10-12% and other ekstragenitalnyh diseases.
It is known that late gestosis against extragenital occur early in the gestational age, are resistant to treatment and give a high percentage of perinatal mortality and morbidity. Such a situation necessitates the search for effective pathogenetic treatment approaches.
The department prenatal maternity hospital number 5 since 1996, we studied the effect of conventional treatment of preeclampsia, and treatment of preeclampsia in combination with antioxidant vitamins A, E, C, P, as well as biologically active additives (BAA) of ART LIFE - Green Star and RENSEPT . This therapy is particularly indicated for toxicosis and gestosis mild. All under the supervision there were 20 pregnant women, of whom 12 received traditional treatment and 8 received supplements. In the study group after 2-3 days improves health, reduces swelling and protein in urine, increased urine output, decreased blood pressure (BP), which made it possible to prolong pregnancy. 
To improve placental blood flow, intrauterine fetal condition was administered Vitamin E and Green Star (1 capsule 1-2 times a day). A monitoring and ultrasonic kardiomonitornom study in 70% of cases show evidence of placental blood flow and fetal condition. When treating pregnant women with pyelonephritis antibiotic therapy was administered uroseptics RENSEPT (2-3 capsules per day). Improving the general condition of pregnant women and the positive dynamics of urine was advancing by 5-7 days earlier than in pregnant women who were not taking supplements. In 4 pregnant women with severe pyelonephritis (in two cases, purulent pyelonephritis with removal of one kidney and in two cases about the purulent pyelonephritis were imposed nephrostomy), after the abolition of antibacterial drugs have been appointed Supplements Green Star and RENSEPT (1 capsule 3 times daily) that led to the improvement of pregnancy on the tenth day and the positive dynamics of blood and urine tests. This has contributed to prolongation of pregnancy in these women prior to fetal viability. Pregnant women were rodorazresheny vaginally at 35-37 weeks. Exacerbation of pyelonephritis in the postpartum period have been noted.
Good results of dietary supplements were noted in the treatment of iron deficiency anemia (IDA) during pregnancy. IDA in pregnant Krasnoyarsk is 40-60%. Iron preparations used to treat it, often poorly tolerated and require long-term use. Dosage and rate of SBC depended on the duration and severity of anemia. It should be noted that good growth dynamics of hemoglobin at an initial level of no less than 90 g / L was achieved without the use of iron supplements.
Justified the use of Green Star Supplements LECITHIN syndrome intrauterine growth retardation. Dose and duration of application depended on the degree of malnutrition of the fetus. The positive dynamics was noted in 85% of cases. The use of prophylactic dose of Green Star (1 capsule per day for 2 weeks) in each trimester of pregnancy (16-18, 26-28, 35-37 weeks) reduces the risk of placental insufficiency and intrauterine infection of the fetus up to 50%.
Our experience with these drugs suggests that the use of dietary supplements ART LIFE in obstetric practice can compensate for a deficiency of antioxidants, improves mood and state of pregnancy, the fetus, which can prolong pregnancy and reduce perinatal morbidity and mortality.