Experience of using dietary supplements ART LIFE in gynecological practice.

LV Zakharina, a physician of the first category, an obstetrician-gynecologist, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
The emergence and development of pathological conditions of vaginal part of cervix - a complicated and lengthy process, many of whom still insufficiently studied. Most often the cancerous process of the cervix is preceded by background disease. Background called the disease and changes in the vaginal part of cervix uteri, which include pseudo, ectropion, cervicitis, true erosion.
Pseudo-may occur on unmodified in form and deformed cervix. The appearance of the deformed pseudo-neck potentially more dangerous in the sense of malignant transformation, due to violations of the trophic tissue and innervation. Obligatory step in the course of a pseudo-overlapping columnar epithelium stratified squamous epithelium. Increasingly replaced by columnar epithelium occurs epidermizatsii. Epidermizatsii process is prolonged, and under the influence of adverse factors may be violated. The longer the process epidermizatsii, the more frequently observed in atypical changes, until the development of cervical cancer. Thus, there is need for active treatment of background diseases of the cervix, on the one hand, and the inability to use the surgical method of treatment in young, parous women, on the other. Of drugs used to treat pathological conditions of cervix, have mostly disinfectant and bactericidal action. The appointment of any medication should be pathogenetically substantiated.
We used for this purpose ARGOSEPT, Argolife, tea tree oil. Applicable local baths with a solution of silver at a dilution of 1:5 or 1:8, then the drug was administered tampon with diluted tea tree oil. The technique of this procedure is quite simple and can be accomplished woman in the home - on the cotton-gauze applied ointment levomikol and 3 drops of tea tree oil. Failed to swab the cervix is removed after 6-8 hours. A course of treatment is recommended 15-20 procedures, excluding days of menstruation. Only 3-4 months. As a result of such treatment have improved vascularization of the vaginal part of cervix. Colposcopic observed increased vascular pattern in the form of different-sized branching and anastomosing with each other vessels. For such vessels is characterized by severe reaction to treatment with acetic acid, which confirms the benign course of epidermizatsii.
Supplements of ART LIFE we also used to treat inflammation of pelvic organs in women. It is known that at present the clinical manifestations and course of inflammatory processes of the uterus and appendages have changed. Much more likely to have to meet with erased, indolent forms of disease. In this regard, the use of antibiotics is not always justified. In this situation becomes very important immunokorregirugoschee, desensitizing and resolving local treatment. For this purpose we used microclysters 0.5% solution of salt lake Shira (I tsp. Salt in 500 ml of water), tea tree oil. For the procedure takes 30 ml of the prepared solution of salt, combined with 5 drops of tea tree oil in the form of heat is introduced into the rectum for 20-30 minutes. The total number of procedures, 15-20, with the exception of days of menstruation. If necessary, antibiotic treatment use supplements to the food enzyme complex PLUS (2 tablets 2 times daily with meals) accelerates the healing process, leading to more rapid stabilization and reduction of pain in the patient.