The use of dietary supplements ART LIFE in urogenital infectious diseases.

VP Mikhailov, dermato highest category, the chief physician of the medical center "Alex", Omsk
The problem of an integrated approach in the treatment of urogenital pathology is particularly relevant in relation to existing conditions of society, tense environment, as well as a consequence of therapeutic failure in treatment of chronic chlamydial infection in its various combinations. Official statistics provide up to 25% of therapeutic failures with conventional treatments of urogenital pathology. Stowed in the following statistics for private clinics and dermatologist-employed is more than doubtful.
It is known that chronic, recurrent and latent forms of urogenital chlamydial infection, viral urogenital pathology, and their combination lead to the development of secondary immunodeficiencies (UCI) are the background against which develop chronic inflammatory diseases of infectious, allergic and autoimmune nature.
The situation is complicated by the fact that an immunological study for the diagnosis and immunological monitoring is very costly for the medical institution and patient. In addition, it is almost inaccessible to patients outside the major cities due to lack of appropriate laboratory and diagnostic facilities.
Obviously, the search and integration into medical practice affordable and safe methods and means of immunomodulation with a minimum number of contraindications and side effects, the use of which in the VIEW would be possible on the basis of clinical presentation, and without special immunological survey and monitoring is very relevant for Dermatovenereologists . It is well known that chronic or recurrent infections, including herpes, suffers interferonogenic function of cells of the granulocytic series. The function of these cells is cyclical in nature and easily depleted and distorted under the influence of pathological incoming signals. Most often such a situation is observed for urogenital herpes infections. Expressed the view that state between microbial aggression and non-specific protection is very dangerous and insidious, assuming the so-called antigenic anemia.
On the basis of these pathological mechanisms, the purpose of this paper is to report on first clinical application of biologically active additives (BAA) of ART LIFE. This message is preliminary and represents the clinical experience combined and application of dietary supplements and drug therapy.
Of all patients treated in a specialized medical center "Alex" on the urogenital infection (IGO) 34% were patients who previously injured therapeutic failure. Concomitant urogenital pathology, which was discovered after the test, required treatment, not only the urogenital chlamydia ureamikoplazmoza, candidiasis, gardnelleza, but HSV and CMV infection. Of these, 20% were patients with chronic latent urogenital chlamydia.
Given this, the use of traditional patterns and methods of treatment for patients IGO unpromising.
When chlamydial lesions of the urogenital tract in combination with HSV and CMV infection was used so-called ekstraimmunnaya immunotherapy, which seeks to reduce the antigenic load on the body, and included in the preparatory cycle of treatment.
An example of a preparatory cycle of:
1. Reaferon 1 million IU / m by day number 5.
2. TOKSFIGHTER 2 capsules, 2 times a day of fasting for 8 days.
3. Vitamin-mineral complex DISCOVERY POWER 2 tablets per day, 30.
4. Local therapy: installation of the urethra with an A-interferon and Dimexidum using ultrasonic treatment apparatus "Gineton" (in cases where the urethra is free of candidal lesions). In cases where there was a failure of Candida, were used to install the urethra and dafnedzhinom malovitom of 7-8 ml daily 8-10.
Application TOKSFIGHTER due to the fact that his Formulated composition is quite unusual:
1. Powerful correction of the intestinal microflora provides per serving I billion lactic acid bacteria.
2. None of the existing capacity of the sorbents were not included reorganization and expulsion of intestinal parasites
3. Phyto-nutrient helps repair the damaged mucosa.
4. Enzymatic and phytocomplex included in the composition TOKSFAYTER have strong synergy and adjuvant capacity.
Application TOKSFIGHTER I divided into two cycles: first cycle - 8 days (preparatory)
Second Cycle - 8 days after the completion of a basic causal pulsoterapii, which allowed Phil about color, it effects on the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) before chemotherapy and to prevent possible effects of dysbiosis gastrointestinal tract during basic causal antibiotic therapy.
Application Discovery POWER especially important when considering his prescription to the track, and was appointed to the first day of treatment for a month. At the initial stage DISCOVERY POWER fully replenished reaferon, providing an ekstraimmunnoy therapy, and in subsequent cycles, provided the necessary components for immuno-correcting therapy.
Application of chemicals at the IGO, in combination with CMV and HSV infection are inconclusive, since the continued ability of the replication of herpes virus and CMV can trigger the activity of the pathogen and lead to relapse.
In appointing the basic causal pulsoterapii used combined treatment: the use of one of several drugs ftorhinolovogo makralida or in combination with biologically active supplement Super Shield.
Feature of BAD SUPER Shield is a multicomponent structure, balanced by the action of affecting simultaneously in many parts of the immune status, as well as having a powerful antiviral, anticancer, anti-infective and antioxidant actions.
Part of the eubiotichesky Complex: Echinacea, Pau d'Arco, Suma, effectively complement monotherapy with fluoroquinolones or macrolides for the adjuvant principle, ie complement each other and potentiation of each other possibilities. Reishi mushrooms, shiitake, maitake (fly agaric species) act as an antitumor agent. Thus, it is possible to carry out organ-sparing therapy, to avoid the negative impact of antibiotics on the gastrointestinal tract.
Currently, there are developments on the use of combined treatment of dietary supplements with hardware methods.
Super Shield appointed for chronic chlamydia in conjunction with the CVM and herpes infection in a dose of 2 capsules, 2 times a day, two courses for 15 days. Break between courses (5-6 days) in combination with fluoroquinolones or monotherapy with macrolides by pulsoterapii for 10 days, with breaks between courses of 5-6 days. Moreover, monotherapy with antibiotics was carried out with the combined use, ie half the daily dose was administered parenterally, the second half - inside, which allowed to minimize the negative impact of chemotherapeutic drug load on the digestive tract.
For chronic chlamydia treated 26 people, including 6 with latent chlamydiosis. Patients age 20-45 years. In 12 cases of urogenital chlamydia combined with candidiasis urethra. Control of cure by IEF and ELISA, 18 patients completed the three-time control of the cure, the rest are under dynamic observation.
About genital herpes on the methods described here were treated 6 people. Since CMV infection is - 4 cases. It should be noted that in the treatment of genital herpes and CMV antibiotics were not used. In two cases, CMV was used acyclovir with two courses of 5 days in conjunction with the BAA ART LIFE SUPER Shield. Control of cure was performed by ELISA and was completed in four patients with genital herpes and in three cases with CMV.
Relapse after treatment for two months is not mentioned, the dynamic monitoring of patient progress. However, our observations are preliminary and expected more in-depth analysis of the clinical effects of combined therapy in combination with supplements of ART LIFE.
1. Preliminary data suggest that dietary supplements with their potent antioxidant, immunocorrective, antiviral and anti-infective actions can be used not only as a preventive tool, but also for medicinal purposes in the treatment of urogenital disease, sexually transmitted diseases.
2. Clearly the feasibility of using dietary supplements TOKSFIGHTER, Super Shield, Discovery POWER in the treatment of EIM. 
3. Suggested tactics allows us to achieve positive results more simple and safe method compared with conventional treatment regimens IGO.
4. In the treatment of BAD SUPER Shield is appropriate therapeutic, not prophylactic dosage (selected individually).
5. I think the use of dietary supplements company ART LIFE TOKSFIGHTER, Super Shield, Discovery POWER alternative treatment does not damage the liver, kidneys, not causing the state of dysbiosis and dysbiosis gastrointestinal tract, spermatogenesis has not broken that we can have in the appointment of chemotherapeutic complexes.
6. Economic costs of the patient does not exceed the costs for conventional treatment regimens, or lower. All the above allows us to apply the biologically active supplements in the treatment of infectious urogenital diseases.