Andrology infertile marriage problems and their solutions using dietary supplements ART LIFE.

AE Marinin, Regional Center for Family Planning and Reproduction, Tyumen
Andrology problems of infertile marriages concern. The average age of men who applied for infertility in 1988 - 32 years, and in 1998 -26 years. First place in male infertility goes monosindrom when affected several links in the chain of spermatogenesis destruction of Sertoli cells, as a consequence of increasing FSH levels, decreased testosterone levels and impaired patency semyavynosya-containing ducts. This leads to intractable forms of male infertility. If in 1988 the dispensary stood 290 patients, already in 1998 the band has grown to 375 patients.
The main forms of reproduction disorders in men are secretory, excretory, and combined infertility.
In order to restore fertility in men and infertility in schemes I have studied these biologically active additives (BAA) of ARTLIFE as FORMULA MEN, VITAMIN E, RENSEPT, tea tree oil.
Of great interest is the use in treatment regimens ART LIFE FORMULA FOR MEN. Thanks Ingredient composition of the drug has a potent anti-inflammatory effect. His can be successfully used for excretory forms of infertility by reducing inflammation in the genitourinary system, and prostatitis, urethritis, vesiculitis, epidimitah, orchitis, etc. These diseases are caused by obstruction seed-efferent ducts, and, consequently, reabsorption of protein molecules ejaculate causing the production of antibodies to their own sperm and reduced semen quality indicators.
In all 40 patients followed for me with this diagnosis from 2000 to 2001. and used in the treatment of BAA FORMULA FOR MEN, there was a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect in patients receiving the drug. 
In addition, while taking supplements vary qualitative and quantitative indicators of ejaculate. 90% of patients increases the number of full-fledged sperm motility. All patients used in the treatment of biologically active additives company ART LIFE, noted increased craving, increased potency and more emotionally colored contacts.