The results of the use of dietary supplements ART LIFE in pediatrics.

NG Markova, a pediatrician, Nizhny Novgorod
I want to share the results obtained children, who were appointed by the biologically active food additives (products of the company ARTLIFE ) at different stages of disease development. I was impressed by these results, I hope my observations will be interesting and helpful colleagues. 
Marenkova Dasha, 4 years
Diagnosis: Delay psychoverbal development. Enuresis. Little girl says, there is increased irritability, sleep interrupted with cries, WinCE.
After the treatment a neurologist Drug significant improvement was observed.
Was recommended by the biologically active additives (BAA) Good Night 0,5 capsule 1 time per day for 30 minutes before bedtime for a month. After completing this course the girl returned to normal sleep, decreased irritability. Phenomenon of enuresis is not observed for more than 3 months. Increased vocabulary.
Mitroshkin Kohl, 2 years
Diagnosis: normochromic anemia, nutritional moderate (Hb = 90 g / l).
Was recommended by the diet enriched with iron, Green Star, 1 / 4 teaspoon in the morning and afternoon during the month. Two weeks later, was appointed to control blood, hemoglobin up to 120 grams per liter.
Similar results with the correct diagnosis of a complex with the basic therapy observed in virtually 100% of cases.
Gapusovsky Elijah, 4 years
Diagnosis: papillomatosis in the skin. Traditional treatment your dermatologist has not produced results.
Recommended for Excellence in Discovery (0,5 1 pill once a day) during the month.
By the end of papilloma disappeared completely. Absolutely pure smooth skin led to the delight of her mother, from whom I was pleased to hear a lot of thanks.
Mizip Tolia, 4 years
Complaints about poor appetite, weight loss. The examination of blood, urine, fecal abnormalities were found. Was sent to an endocrinologist for a consultation.
Diagnosis: euthyroid state.
As the prevention of goiter thyroid recommended by laminarin, 0,5 1 pill every morning, within a month. A week later, my mother shared the results: the child's appetite, began to gain weight.