Experience of using dietary supplements ART LIFE PULMOKLINZ in treating children with recurrent bronchitis.

GA Kovaleva, LB Makarov, VI ICHKOVA, LP ELGINA Omsk State Medical Academy, Omsk
The structure of child morbidity decisive role played by respiratory diseases. Among the sickly children to recurrent bronchitis accounts for 30.7% of children. Repeated episodes of bronchitis 2-3 times per year, mostly in the background of SARS, and are characterized by a duration of clinical signs within 3-4 weeks. Treatment of recurrent bronchitis, remains a challenge, is symptomatic, and taking into account the genesis of exacerbations (viral and bacterial infections) often have to resort to the use of antibiotics, which exacerbates the development of secondary immunodeficiency states. Propose the appointment of a dietary supplement company PULMOKLINZ ART LIFE as an alternative treatment of recurrent bronchitis with antibiotics and generally accepted fitosborami in the form of infusions and decoctions.
PULMOKLINZ possessing anti-inflammatory, bronchodilator, expectorant, sedative, immunostimulant and antioxidant effects, has been used in the treatment of 32 children aged 3 to 14 years old and was prescribed 1 tablet 3 times daily before meals for 3 weeks.
The comparison group consisted of 15 children with similar disease treated with antibiotics (macrolides, oral cephalosporins in the period of 7 days and herbal medicine). The complex of therapeutic measures in both groups included sanitation foci of infection in the ENT organs, therapeutic massage, gymnastics, caving therapy.
Diagnosis of recurrent bronchitis consisted of anamnestic data, clinical, bacteriological and immunological studies, assessment of respiratory function. In the analysis of anamnestic data revealed predisposing factors (perinatal pathology, chronic foci of infection in the ENT organs, genetic predisposition, exposure to secondhand smoke). Bacteriological examination of distinguished culture of pneumococcus and Hib. In the analysis of drug testing PULMOKLINZ noted a high clinical effect. In 89% of children of the main group observed rapid positive changes in comparison with children of control group: productive cough appeared at 4-5 days, with the disappearance of the beginning of the second week.
In the control group, the duration of exacerbation persisted for 3-4 weeks.
Immunological studies obtained a significant increase in T and B lymphocytes, the level of Jg And in the main group, as well as improved functional indices of external respiration, for 4 days decreased the mean duration of hospital stay.
Side effects or allergic reactions to the reception PULMOKLINZ not observed. Thus, these results confirm the clinical efficacy of supplements PULMOKLINZ and allow us to recommend it for wider application in the treatment of bronchial pathology in children.