The use of dietary supplements ART LIFE RUDVITOL in children with respiratory diseases.

NV Khudyakov, the highest category doctor, associate professor of pediatrics hospital SSMU, Tomsk
Biologically active food supplements (dietary supplements) are increasingly significant role in the prevention and adjunctive therapy for many diseases. Widely used in recent years, dietary supplements that contain biologically active substances of plant, animal, microbial or synthetic origin, regulatory and catalytic functions of individual organs and body systems that support them in physiological boundaries of functional activity.
Most supplements ART LIFE are multicomponent composition and have a number of advantages over the monocomponent and synthetic drugs. In using them the person receives a range of natural compounds specific to the plant, and the effects on the body is softer and more durable. They are non-toxic and, as the medical practice, rarely cause complications and allergic reactions. Supplements containing phytocomplex may have pathogenetic and symptomatic effects on the body.
Respiratory diseases rank first in the overall morbidity of the population. Almost everyone, especially children, suffer bronchopulmonary diseases annually. This problem is exacerbated by low immunity, chronic immune deficiency, and environmental degradation of the environment.
At the same time, the frequent use of chemotherapy is not desirable, especially for children and the elderly. Therefore the study of the effectiveness of new biologically active food supplement RUDVITOL (production company ART LIFE) is an important and timely.
The objectives of treatment for this disease are anti-inflammatory, restorative, adaptogenic and immunostimulant effects on the human body. The drug is selected taking into account of these problems. It includes extracts of Echinacea and licorice, ascorbic acid, zinc oxide, rutin.
Biologically active food supplement RUDVITOL - is a complex herbal preparation, the main component of which is echinacea. Medicinal properties of echinacea have long been known to ancient Indian tribes of America. She became an object of study and clinical use as pharmacological tools in the U.S. since 1895. Only in the last decade this plant was devoted to more than 350 special pharmacological and clinical studies. Currently, preparations of echinacea, showing its high efficiency, widespread in the world of medical practice.
Along with the available drugs imported and domestically produced (ehinatsin, estifan, etc.) are developed as effective biologically active additives. Creating a dietary supplement by the original technology and formulation not only complement the arsenal of immunomodulating agents, but also increased the possibility of their use, both in the clinic, and prevention of common diseases.
The emergence and development of new technologies has created a fundamentally new form of the drug in the form of pellets, packed in a gelatin capsule. From conventional tablets active ingredients stand out, as a rule, almost simultaneously, while may cause irritation of the intestinal mucosa, and therefore not fully assimilated. Some of the components of the pods of the drug can enter into a competitive relationship for absorption in the intestine, to be incompatible with each other and react with each other, which causes difficulty in compiling and processing recipes, and also limits the effectiveness and therapeutic range drug.
The new form is a tiny granules of regular shape, where the active components of the layers deposited in a certain order to the carrier, and each layer is protected with a special film to regulate the rate of release of substances and their sequence.
Echinacea has antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant membranostimuliruyuschim properties. Its products increase the activity of nonspecific factors of protection and, above all, stimulate the phagocytic activity of granulocytes and macrophages. In connection with this BAA RUDVITOL effective as a preventive measure, especially during epidemics of influenza and other acute respiratory diseases as an antiviral agent. In this case, echinacea causes a suppression of hyaluronidase - an enzyme that promotes increased permeability of cells to viruses and microbes. Thus, echinacea prevents the spread of infectious agents in body tissues.
The drug activates all parts of the immune response: stimulates the phagocytic activity, potentiates the production of interleukin-1 by macrophages, induces the transformation of B cells into plasma cells. Strengthens the antibody, cooperation of B-and T-lymphocytes, T-helper activity and possesses a strong anti-inflammatory action similar protective effect of an important hormone - cortisol, which allows the body to cope with intractable inflammatory and immune diseases. Contained in echinacea betaine has high activity and is a means of biochemical correction of age Dyslipidemia prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, as well as hepatoprotector. Saponins possess neutralizing activity.
In order to enhance immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory properties in RUDVITOL introduced licorice root extract, added ascorbic acid - vitamin C. The most important trace elements required for the normal functioning of the immune system - zinc, selenium, rutin.
Echinacea preparations have a pronounced adaptogenic action, which was proved experimentally. At the same time saw an increase in performance and endurance when performing a lot of physical work.
Objective: to study the effectiveness of dietary supplements ART LIFE RUDVITOL in the treatment of respiratory diseases among children in the acute period, the deterioration and fading for the prevention of respiratory pathology, to evaluate the tolerability of children of different ages and the presence of side effects, to clarify the therapeutic and prophylactic doses for children of different age.
Materials and methods:
Studies were performed on 20 patients of different age and sex, 10 of them were in hospital and 10 - in-patient treatment. By age children in the hospital as follows: 3-7 years - 8 children older than 7 years - 2 children. Outpatient treatment was carried out in the following age groups: 1-3 years-2, 3-7 years-2, 7-14 years, 6 children.
Of the 20 observed patients 18 belonged to a group of sickly children, 9 had acute respiratory infections, 3 - sick with bronchitis, 4 - Patients with the height of pneumonia, 4 - with residual symptoms after an illness of bronchopulmonary system. The control group consisted of 20 children with similar pathology of the same age.
To confirm the diagnosis were investigated as a standard clinical data (blood and urine tests) and radiological examinations of patients. Experience in monitoring their children from the group chastoboleyuschih shows that they tend to suffer not only more frequent but heavier and more prolonged, than children burdened with history.
Treatment Plan:
All the children of the study group RUDVITOL administered simultaneously with other drugs and physical treatments, traditionally used in this pathology.
Adverse side effects were found. The drug is well tolerated by children. Effectiveness becomes apparent already at 3-4 day from the beginning of application. All the children marked the normalization of well-being and positive changes in the manifestation of clinical signs of disease: decreased catarrhal phenomena from the nasopharynx, and less likely to become a productive cough, wheezing disappeared into the lungs.
Children of the control group received conventional treatment. It was noted that the positive effect in children treated with the drug RUDVITOL was more pronounced and earlier than children in the standard treatment, especially notable was the earlier disappearance of the signs of fatigue. Children who received RUDVITOL, before returning to normal life, be recommended for treatment of acute and chronic respiratory diseases, as well as for the prevention of pathology of any location.
Recommended application rate: healing for children under 3 years - 1 / 2 capsule 2 times daily, 3-7 years - 1 capsule, 2 times a day, over 7 years and adults - 1 capsule 3 times a day.
Prophylactic dose is 1 / 2 part of the curative treatment period of 10-14 days.
Thus, clinical study of the efficacy of biologically active food supplement RUDVITOL in children with disorders of the respiratory system showed its good tolerability, no side effects, fast dynamics of clinical symptoms.
Trial medication contributed to improve the efficiency of drug therapy, providing a soft anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, adaptogenic and immunomoduliruyusch her actions.
Results of the study suggest the feasibility of introducing supplements RUDVITOL in complex therapy of children with respiratory diseases, as well as use for disease prevention in debilitated children.