Application Enterosorbents and antiparasitic phytocomplex in pediatric practice.

NV Khudyakov, the highest category doctor, associate professor of pediatrics hospital SSMU, Tomsk
It is known that the health of the population to 50% depending on lifestyle. The concept of lifestyle can be embedded and man's relation to treatment. Economic and ecological crises are dramatic changes in living conditions, lead to the accumulation of harmful toxic substances in the internal environment of an organism. This, in turn, manifests itself in a consistent dysfunction of cells, organs, systems, and, ultimately, causes a disease syndrome accompanied by endotoxemia. As a system of natural detoxification, lymphatic system first reacts to changes in the internal environment, by virtue of its inherent drainage and detoxification and immune functions.
Many decades of poor-quality drinking water, wasted feed, and when ill, are beginning to take several of drugs with a desire to prompt disposal of every manifestation of the disease. In many ways, this treatment is symptomatic. Organism as a whole, it does not help, but partly also hurts. Often the disease goes into a latent form, and allocation of organs must show not only the metabolites of disturbed metabolic disease, but the decay products of drugs. The most difficult thing in this case have the liver and kidneys. Organism - a closed loop, and all that got through the mouth, he should rework disarm and withdraw too much. Fashionable nowadays starvation also promotes degradation of these bodies. Therefore, people with diseased liver or kidney problems should be treated to a prolonged fasting with extreme caution.
At the same time can help the body. In the traditional and alternative medicine in recent years there has been great interest in the application Enterosorbents. For a long time, doctors were armed with only activated charcoal, which was also used for food poisoning and bronchial asthma, that is, wherever it was necessary to help the body to clean up the inside. Environmental degradation prompted the creation of endoecological programs. Only in recent years have been recommended not only to enter something into the body, but help him all too much to ruffle.
We applied chelators have hundreds of children. Where it was necessary to "clean up" only the intestine, it was charcoal and Polyphepan. However, a more distinct results we have seen, when they began to apply the biologically active food additives (BAA) Artlife Company. It is very important that they not only relieve the body of waste products, but also help restore normal life processes of the whole organism. Gained the most popularity FITOSORBOVIT, TOKSFIGHTER and HOLEGON. A wide range of dietary supplements FITOSORBOVIT allows its use in the acute period and during the convalescence period, and for the prevention of possible complications. Currently, it is one of the best mineralsohranyayuschih Enterosorbents new generation. 
The drug is based on microcrystalline cellulose, citrus pectin, bran diet and a balanced mix of herbs that allows you to associate and bring the body of all unnecessary for him (metabolites, toxins, heavy metals, radionuclides) and to normalize the life processes of the body through the restoration of the bowel. This drug can be used for each adult, and occasionally used for each child.
Regional pathology in our region - opisthorchiasis and giardiasis. as well as widespread among children helminthic infestation did HOLEGON and TOKSFIGHTER drugs of choice in these patients. Not all adults and, especially, children should always be treated with chemicals (biltricid, tiberal, etc.), since they are quite toxic, but many people have treated more than once in their lifetime. 
Research staff SSMU showed a fairly high efficiency BAA ART LIFE in the treatment of parasites and helminths. We also have considerable experience of observation, which allows for opisthorchiasis and Giardiasis recommend HOLEGON, while other parasitic infestations TOKSFAYTER. 
The use of these drugs in most cases was sufficient and did not require additional appointments drugs. After treatment of opisthorchiasis BAA HOLEGON to restore liver function children appointed HEPAR FORMULA, GEPATON 3.
Well restored gut ATSIDOBAK and BIFIDOBAK.
In cases of pronounced vascular disorders used BP FORMULA.
During rehabilitation were effective drugs such as laminarin, Discovery Excellent, Kaltsimaks.
Thus, the use of biologically active food supplements company ART LIFE is effective not only at the stages of prevention and rehabilitation, but also for antiparasitic and enterosorbtsionnoy therapy.