The use of dietary supplements company ArtLife patients with food allergy.

MV Yakubenko, an allergist-immunologist, Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences
I do not have a specific allergy "card" and its manifestations are diverse and many-sided, unlike one another. In recent years, allergy has become a real "plague" of humanity. The growth of industrial, environmental degradation, increase in background radiation - all contribute to weakening the immune system. The human body is able to respond to the invasion of foreign substances such as microbes, production of protective factors - AT. But if allergies are a kind of "error of recognition": the body responds as the enemy, and down into harmless substances, such as - egg whites, strawberries, etc. 100-150 years ago, food allergy was extremely rare, but now its just this kind of suffering every sixth inhabitant of the planet.
Any distortion, with deviations from normal response to food is called food intolerance. And the most frequent form of food intolerance is a food allergy. According to statistics, the frequency of food allergy in children is 10-40%. The development of food allergy is due to the interaction between food allergens, gastrointestinal tract and immune system. There are certain factors that contribute to the development of food allergy. Firstly, it is a genetic predisposition, secondly, the breach in the gastrointestinal tract that lead to a change in the permeability of the intestine, resulting in food antibodies penetrate into the blood. Thirdly, the formation of allergic altered reactivity of the organism is still in the antenatal period, when during pregnancy expectant mothers over-use products that have severe allergic activity (nuts, honey, milk, chocolate, eggs, etc.). Have value as long-term drug therapy (particularly anti-bacterial), contact with chemicals (including perfumes), aeroallergens, and smoking.
Given the above, during pregnancy and lactation, women are offered a specially developed hypo-allergenic diet, and diets with biologically active additives (BAA). Fully justified the appointment of such dietary supplements company ART LIFE as FITOSORBOVIT Discovery CHARM POWER iliDISKAVERI or DISCOVERY successful, Green Star, VITAMIN E, Kaltsimaks that not only normalize metabolic processes, improve the motility of the gastrointestinal tract, contribute to restoration of intestinal flora, but also provide the daily needs of the major vitamins, macro-and micronutrients, protein, improve the metabolism of cell membranes and strengthens the vascular wall. In the first year of life, causes allergic reactions are most often transfer the child to formula feeding, early introduction of complementary foods without complying with the rules, intolerance to cow's milk protein, cereals, and dairy products are also welcome, which is associated with the yeast-like fungi of genus Candida Aspergillus. With the development of the above reactions in the complex therapy after application of antihistamine drugs and protivodrozhzhevyh included ATSIDOBAK and BIFIDOBAK, which resulted in marked positive results in 67% of patients (under the control of fecal bacteria overgrowth). Most often food allergy is manifested as allergic dermatitis and urticaria. To remove the acute manifestations of food allergy in children and adults with first-generation antihistamines are most effective tavegil, suprastin, diazolin; second-generation drugs - Claritin, astemizole, zirtek - still under study, but notes that they are effective in acute as well and in the subacute period. Among patients with atopic dermatitis and urticaria, have been selected and a control group. In the comprehensive treatment of the control group included the following supplements:
1.Protivoallergichesky complex SKIN LINE - to reduce the manifestations of allergic reactions by reducing the release of histamine, the strengthening of the vascular wall and reduce its permeability. This will reduce the daily dose of antihistamine twice and get a mild sedative and anti-inflammatory effects.
2.TOKSFAYTER, FITOSORBOVIT, which have high sorption activity and are able to connect and securely hold the exo-and endogenous toxins.
They were used during the meal, at every meal, or twice in the morning and evening, resulting in stihaniya symptoms such as itching and redness of the skin in the control group of patients advancing to 4-6 days earlier than in the primary.
3.With to correct violations in the gastrointestinal tract and enzymatic abnormalities in the main group of patients used drugs such as festal, enzistal and mezim forte. In the control group, these drugs were replaced by the enzyme complex PLUS, which contains 18 enzymes and has high activity (treatment for 3 to 6 weeks) and BAA GASTROKALM providing mild anti-inflammatory effect on mucous membrane of gastro-kishechnogotrakta (GIT), normalizing gastric acidity and improves digestion (treatment from 14 to 30 days).
4.Press strengthen the vascular wall, reducing the permeability of intestinal metabolism of cell membranes in patients of control group used Kaltsimaks that will reduce the swelling tissue nearly tripled.
5.B as an external tool in patients with atopic dermatitis used argogel, which has an excellent antibacterial, antiinflammatory and antiallergic activity. After applying the gel restoring skin proceeded in 1,5 times faster, congestion and itching disappeared 2-3 days after treatment.
6.Vazhnym link in the treatment of food allergies is to correct the immune system. In the control group as immunomodulators have been used Cat's Claw course from 1 to 2 months for individual scheme. Under the control of immune status has been determined that Cat's Claw activates T-killer cells, macrophages, and normalizes the level of immunoglobulins. Super Shield operates on all links of immunity, increases the level of T-lymphocytes, immunoglobulins, and also improves the function of the liver - a supplier of protein anxiety.
Prolonged clinical observation, we concluded that the efficacy of therapy with the inclusion of dietary supplements company ART LIFE was expressed in a more rapid achievement of remission of allergic process in the skin and the digestive tract, strengthen the regeneration of affected areas, the reverse development of secondary infection, improving the general condition in 79% of patients.
Thus, the experience of using dietary supplements indicates the need for their application in the treatment of patients with food allergy, because it allows to reduce the duration of treatment and avoid complications, and also indicates the need for their use as a prophylactic measure that significantly reduces the risk of disease and the frequency of exacerbations chronic diseases.