Artlife Company presents a new biologically active complex "Probinorm. It is a complex of live bacteria and marks a new stage in the production of bacterial biocomplexes. Biologically active complex "Probinorm" designed to restore and support the gut. Specially adapted to the complex Probinorm "strains of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli contribute to the process of enzymatic digestion, stimulate the activity of lymphoid system, the synthesis of immunoglobulins, are involved in removing toxins and produce biologically active substances that regulate many body functions.

Man - this is a complex biosystem, the constancy of which provides a variety of factors. Condition of microflora - friendly complex microorganisms living in the human gut - one of the most important mechanisms regulating functions of the digestive tract, immunity and metabolism. Microbial flora of the intestine is involved in many vital processes of the human body, which, in turn, is her habitat.

Microflora of man performs a number of important vital functions. First of all, beneficial micro-organisms are part of the intestine protective biofilms. They eliminate the possibility of breeding disease-causing organisms within the digestive tract. Friendly microflora stimulates production of protective antibodies, increasing the body's resistance. Helpful intestinal bacteria involved in the processes of digestion, metabolism and are involved in maintaining the constancy of the internal environment. Violation of any of these three functions leads to metabolic changes, a deficit of vitamins, trace elements and minerals in the body, reducing the immune consistency.

Bifidobacteria are actively involved in the digestion and absorption. They contribute to the processes of enzymatic degradation of food as reinforce the hydrolysis of proteins, carbohydrates ferment, saponified fats disrupt crude fiber, stimulate peristalsis. Bifidobacteria are vitamin-function. They are involved in the synthesis and absorption of some vitamins. An important function of bifidobacteria is their participation in shaping the immune system: they stimulate the lymphoid apparatus, the synthesis of antibodies, increases the activity of lysozyme, and reduce the permeability of tissue barriers to toxins.

Lactic acid bacteria are actively involved in the processes of digestion and absorption, stimulate peristalsis. Lactobacilli are involved in removing toxins, acting as a "natural biosorbent, accumulating metal compounds, phenols, formaldehyde, causing changes in the immune system. These bacteria also produce biologically active substances (eg, short chain fatty acids) that regulate many body functions: the gastrointestinal tract, metabolism, liver and other organ systems. Lack of lactobacilli is accompanied by dysfunction of the digestive system, delayed removal of metabolic products.

Intestinal microflora (bifidobacteria and lactobacilli) may be affected by alcohol or other poisoning, malnutrition, in the case of the uncontrolled and unwarranted taking antibiotics. In addition, the diet of modern man is not enough dairy products, fiber, which are a source of nutrients for coliform.

Dysbacteriosis - a violation of the biological balance between the pathogenic (harmful) and physiological (natural and useful) microflora in the human body, particularly in the gut. The consequence of intestinal dysbiosis is fermentation and putrefaction of food debris. Decay products are absorbed into the blood stream and poison the human body. A person suffering from dysbiosis becomes irritable and depressed, he often changes the mood, in some cases at dysbacteriosis may experience changes in the mucous membrane of lips, nail deformity and loss of hair, a moderately severe bleeding.

Preventive measures to improve the intestinal flora, support and normalization of its state, are a prerequisite for full immunity, improving the body's resistance to infectious diseases and the normal functioning of all body systems. Support for teens microflora relevant, because it avoids the frequent fatigue and decreased performance, maintain the health of the reproductive system throughout its formation, to reduce the risk and severity of allergic, as well as increase the overall resistance of the organism.

No less important is the physiological balance of microorganisms, for adults. But women should especially pay attention to the prevention of intestinal dysbiosis. Microflora involved in the regulation of many processes of the female body, largely determines the hormonal status and fertility in women. Dysbacteriosis affects the vagina microbiocenocys that provokes the development of candidiasis and increases susceptibility to infectious diseases of urinary system.

As already mentioned, the microorganisms belong to a large role in maintaining immune surveillance in the body, particularly on the state of the microflora is dependent synthesis of immunoglobulins. In the body of middle-aged women is particularly important to maintain normal levels of immunoglobulin G, which is involved in the production of collagen and strengthen the skin.

No less important sotoyanie microflora kishechinka for older people because of age-gut begin to deteriorate, and as a consequence, reduced the protective functions of the microflora. Reducing soprotvlyaemosti may appear to reduce anti-cancer, chronic diseases, pathogenic microorganisms. In addition, the deterioration of the microflora reduces the ability to process cholesterol in the intestine. All this inevitably leads to an acceleration of aging.

Timely care of friendly bacteria and the normalization of the intestinal ecological community will get the whole list of vitamins - a total of up to 50% of daily needs, as well as to 70% of amino acids (including essential ones). In addition, to improve the state of the enzyme, mineral and energy exchanges.

To support the microflora have been many probiotic products, or otherwise - probiotics. This is the name products containing complexes useful for the organism living forms of bacteria that when entering the intestine normalize its ecosystem and makrofloru body as a whole, heal diseases related to violation of the microbial ecology of the intestine, and prevents the development of many pathological processes. 

Special products, among other probiotics is bioactive complex "Probinorm. It is a simple, reliable and convenient way to maintain the microbial balance in the gut. This complex was created by the innovative biotechnology microencapsulation of bacteria, developed and patented by the company Artlife.

One of the major advantages of "Probinorm is its micro-encapsulated form: bacteria enclosed in a thin microcapsule coated solid shell of biopolymer materials, protecting them from the influence of environmental factors and provides stability to acidic gastric contents. In addition, the bioactive complex "Probinorm contains several types of bacterial strains that, according to recent research, is the most preferred for the correction and maintenance of microbial ecology of the intestine.

Patented microencapsulation technology allows for almost one hundred percent delivery of beneficial microorganisms in the intestines, and durable shell microcapsules eliminates the destructive touch of friendly bacteria in aggressive acidic and alkaline environment of the stomach - duodenum .. 

The core of the microcapsules is a frame made of natural fibers, which are the breeding ground for bacteria. This preserves the biological properties of bacterial long period, including during transport to the place of their active life.

Improve survival of microorganisms is the inclusion of vitamin B complex and prebiotichekih substances in a dosage that is optimized for the needs of micro-organisms. In the presence of cysteine, para-aminobenzoic acid, B vitamins, and direct food substrate, which are fibers inulin and artichoke crust, improving the ability of bacteria to multiply and their survival.

Incorporation into the capsule of "Probinorm" enzyme papain is an additional quotient, which increases the survival rate of colonies of bacteria in the gut. This enzyme provides a complete, high-quality digestion during check-intestinal bacteria, enhancing the quality of food microorganisms.

Bioactive Complex Probinorm, normalizing and restoring the state of the microbial flora balance, supports estetvennoe functioning of the intestine.

Prior to the reception of "Probinorm" due to lack of natural flora evolved pathogenic flora, which, after receiving displaced beneficial intestinal bacteria.

Pathogenic microorganisms interfere with the completion of the digestion and absorption of water, undigested food remnants are destroyed in the process of decay, formed intoxication, diarrhea can occur, which leads to dehydration, not only intestinal tissue, but the organism as a whole. After the reception of "Probinorm" restored digestion, water and food are absorbed normally.

Prior to the reception of "Probinorm" reduced activity of immune cells of all types, such as synthesizing immunoglobulins and absorbing pathogens, may contribute to prizhivaniyu infection in the intestine. Correction of a complex microflora "Probinorm" helps to restore the functional activity of cells of the immune system.

  Effectiveness of "Probinorm" of Artlife company confirmed by clinical testing, which took place in 2006 at the Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Advanced Studies and postgraduate training SSMU (Tomsk). Led the approbation MD, professor of Beloborodov Elvira Ivanovna, the study results were presented at the Inter-Regional Conference on digestion in September 2006 in the city of Tomsk. 

In a clinical study involved 30 volunteers with dysbiosis II degree (according to the classification Kuvaeva IB, Ladozo KS, 1998), caused by taking antibiotics. Age of the subjects averaged 40.5 years and disease duration - 3,0 years. All, without exception, as a concomitant pathology identified metabolic syndrome (obesity I-II century., Hypertension II stage., Hypercholesterolemia).

According to laboratory research, intake of "Probinorm" contributed to the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the gut microflora by eliminating damage resulting from antibiotic therapy, intoxication or stress

In the human gut microbes live, called opportunistic. In certain circumstances, when the reduced immune surveillance in the body, these organisms proliferate, causing disease. Acceptance of "Probinorm" reduces the number of colonies of opportunistic microorganisms that are activated at the wrong diet, malnutrition, infections of the upper respiratory tract.

Useful microflora actively prizhivayas in the intestine after ingestion of "Probinorm, reduces the number of pathogens such as staphylococci or fungi, contributing to overall improvement of the body.

The normalization of the microflora is accompanied by positive changes in immune status: normalize blood levels of immunoglobulins that svidetelstvet the timely response of the immune system to foreign substances of microbial or other origin.

It is a fact of general health improvement as a result of improving the efficiency of the microflora due to the complex of useful intestinal bacteria after antibiotic therapy, and exposure to toxins, and digestive dysfunction, malabsorption of food, decreased gastric acidity, chronic diseases of the digestive system, liver and biliary tract, B12 and folievodefitsitnye anemia.

Such a wide range of conditions in which recommended acceptance of "Probinorm" is determined by its advantages over the chemist's preparations, an effect which often stops at the end of the reception. These benefits include:

1. The presence of microencapsulated form of bacteria (100% delivery to the site location)

2. Nutrient availability in combination with bacteria (the optimal environment for the formation of life)

3. The presence of growth factors for bacteria (stimulation of reproduction and the most rapid correction of the microbial balance)

4. Availability pelletirovannogo papain, which supports intraintestinal digestion