The result is that there is a weakening IMMUNITY 

Breakthrough of the human mind in the XIX - XX centuries led to the introduction into practice new techniques and technologies that have greatly facilitated a person's life, however, this apparent relief is fraught with many "pitfalls". Our bodies are confronted with the main challenge, he can not adapt themselves to the environment as quickly as it changes. On our bodies all the more strongly are the adverse environmental conditions, unbalanced diet, unreasonable method of xenobiotics. The emergence of complex mechanisms in the human environment contributed to inflict severe physical and mental trauma. Long-term physical and mental overload combined with a chronic lack of sleep, completely devastate the body reserves, including reserves of the immune system (immune system). 

Any disease entails a failure in the body's immune system. According to the latest pathology immunology is the immune system is one of the leading causes of many human diseases and their complications, including viral and fungal infections, postoperative infectious complications, inflammatory diseases of the skin, mucous membranes, allergic disease, some malignancies, autoimmune diseases, diseases endocrine system and many others.


A healthy body is very accurately distinguish between "its" and "alien". Arranged so, for one simple reason, "another" can harm the health of the body. Mechanisms developed in the course of human evolution and to remove a foreign agent, is extremely varied. But in this case are two main generalized mechanism: "immunoreactivity" and "nonspecific factors of protection."

Beneath the first refers to all the specific reaction to the "foreign agents" or so-called antigens. They are due to vysokospetsificheskoy ability of body cells to respond to foreign molecules.

However, the protection of the organism from infection also depends on such factors as: the degree of permeability of skin and mucous membranes for pathogen presence in their secrets of bactericidal substances, the acidity of gastric contents, the presence in body fluids of the enzyme lysozyme, etc. All these mechanisms are referred to as "nonspecific factors of protection," since they have no special response team and they all exist irrespective of the presence or absence of antigen.

For correction of the immune system uses immunotropic therapy. Depending on the effect exerted immunotropic therapy is divided into two types:

immunostimulatory therapy
immunosuppressive therapy 

Immunostimulation - a way to enhance immunity by specific and nonspecific means that lead to stimulation of the "immunological reactivity and / or nonspecific factors of protection."

Immunosuppression - the impact on the immune system to suppress "immunoreactivity."

When appropriate immunostimulation to affect directly on different parts of the immune system. In this case, it is first necessary to normalize the power of the body with vitamins, trace elements, antioxidants involved in immune system.

Biologically active additive "RUDVITOL"



Company Artlife specialists developed and launched production of immunostimulating, anti-inflammatory complex Rudvitol.

In the manufacture of dietary supplements "Rudvitol uses modern technology, the application of active ingredients for pellets. The advantage of this technology is the possibility of a chemically incompatible substances at different pellets to further their union in a gelatin capsule. Just great advantage is the ability to form pellets layering of active ingredients, it allows you to control their release in those regions of the gastrointestinal tract, where they are learning. 
An important advantage of "Rudvitol is a natural origin of all active components. Thus reducing the likelihood of developing allergic reactions, minimizing the load on the liver cells, are excluded mutagenic and teratogenic effects of the drug. Drugs on the market usually have one of the properties: immunostimulating activity or anti-inflammatory. And as anti-inflammatory drugs used substances belonging to one group: non-steroidal anti-inflammatory compounds. These substances are synthetic derivatives, so that they possess a pronounced gapatotoksichnostyu cause erosive damage to the mucosa of the stomach and duodenum. 

The composition of "Rudvitol" contains extracts of echinacea, licorice, ascorbic acid, rutin, trace elements: selenium and zinc. 

Echinacea - a unique flora immunostimulant, an effective means of prevention of bacterial and viral diseases. Echinacea Extract increases the phagocytic activity of macrophages - the main warriors of nonspecific immunity. This is not surprising, because the roots of echinacea found a large quantity of polysaccharides from the family geteroglyukanov. It is known that many molecules of this group of activated macrophages, that is, translate them into a state of full combat readiness. We can say that echinacea fights with microbes by the organism itself. And its activities are not limited to increased immunity. Recently found that substances contained in the extract of echinacea, can block the enzyme hyaluronidase, protecting it from destruction hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid determines the viscosity of the intercellular substance of skin and mucous membranes. Some microbes penetrate the skin through the epidermis is damaged, break down hyaluronic acid by hyaluronidase. As a result, the intercellular substance of skin becomes more fluid and less viscous. This facilitates the further promotion of micro-organisms into the body. In addition, the decrease of hyaluronic acid in the skin leads to a decrease in water-holding capacity of intercellular substance. Lack of moisture in the skin makes the migration of immune cells, and bacteria do not encounter any obstacles in its path. Inhibiting bacterial hyaluronidase, echinacea makes the skin and mucous membranes of all the conditions for successful infection control.

Liquorice - the root of this plant contains triterpene compounds (glycyrrhizinic and glitsiretovuyu acid) has a valid, somewhat reminiscent of corticosteroids. They, like the adrenal hormones, promote normalization of water-salt metabolism in the body. Flavonoids, which are also in the underground parts of Glycyrrhiza possess antispasmodic effect, reduce capillary fragility and exert anti-inflammatory effect. One of the properties Licorice is the ability to increase the effects of other components of plant origin, included in the BAA.

Ruthie and ascorbic acid - in combination reduces the permeability and capillary fragility, are involved in redox processes, inhibit the action of hyaluronidase. In addition, have antioxidant properties.

Zinc - refers to the trace elements contained in the body - the inorganic elements of less than 0.01% of body weight. An adult's body contains about 2 grams of zinc. Zinc affects the immune and metabolic processes occurring in the body. Tsinkozavisimymi are such vital enzymes, such as insulin, corticotropin, growth hormone, gonadotrophin. Therefore, the shortage of zinc in the body there is immunosuppressed.

Selenium - scientists believe that lack of this trace element can be considered one of the most important issues of our time, as the soil it a little because it is easily washed out and carried off into the water basin crust. To maintain a healthy immune system, we need to receive 10 micrograms of selenium daily. Selenium deficiency is very common in people infected with HIV, and the lower its level compared to the norm, that more damage HIV can cause the body with a weakened immune system. Selenium is a trace element of protection, preventing the development of diseases of the heart and arteries. Selenium is important for thyroid function, since it determines the enzyme that activates thyroid hormone (T4).

To confirm the immunostimulatory and antiinflammatory properties of dietary supplements "Rudvitol" were conducted clinical trials in patients with viral diseases of the anterior segment of eyes and patients with pulmonary tuberculosis with specific symptoms of intoxication, as well as with symptoms of SARS. In either case, studies have shown its good tolerability, no side effects and rapid regression of clinical symptoms, normalization of blood picture in patients. The results of these studies suggest the feasibility of introducing dietary supplements "Rudvitol" in complex therapy of immunodeficiency states in acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of different localization and as a restorative and preventive medicine at the risk of disease influenza and SARS. 

Clinical testing of the drug Rudvitol based on regional children's hospital of Lipetsk


Biologically active food supplement "Rudvitol" is recommended as a tonic agent in colds, an additional source of vitamin C, rutin, zinc and selenium, with immunodefetsitnyh states, acute and chronic inflammatory diseases.

How to use: adults take 1 capsule 2-3 times a day during meals with food, children: 1 capsule 1 time a day. Duration of 1 month. For individualization of dosage before applying are encouraged to consult with your doctor. 

Storage Conditions: Store at room temperature in a dry place inaccessible to children. 

Contraindications: not recommended while you are hypersensitive to the product components.

Shelf life: 2 years from the date of manufacture. 

Zam. director of science and production Vekovtsev AA

Head of production and experimental laboratory Needs P.

Engineer Technologist Production of experimental laboratory Pehtereva N.