Fitosorbovit, Toxfighter Lux

Using Enterosorbents probably one of the oldest methods of treatment related to efferent therapy. Enterosorption rooted deeply in the history of mankind. And now it is impossible to determine when the were first used sorbents such as ash or charcoal. According to historians, more than three thousand years ago in ancient Egypt used charcoal for external treatment of wounds and treatment of poisoning. The doctors of ancient Greece, including Hippocrates, in his papers marked curative properties of the sorbents. In Russia enterosorption can be attributed to one of the methods of traditional medicine. During the wars with the Swedes and Germans in the period from 1200 to 1400 years for the treatment of wounds has been widely used gun powder. With the same purpose used birch charcoal. According to legend, the use of birch charcoal has extended the life of Alexander Nevsky. Later, doctors, and then a district doctor prescribed pureed ugl sick with diarrhea. The use of coal to be effective in the treatment of diseases of internal organs and of acute poisoning. During the Second World War chelators on the basis of lignin is widely used to treat disorders of the gastrointestinal tract of the soldiers. In recent years, an arsenal of sorption increased considerably, a large number of substances with an ion-exchange properties on which the manufactured drugs for treating diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Receiving Enterosorbents feel better for all diseases accompanied by weakness, fever, nausea, diarrhea, general malaise. The reason for this lies in the fact that one of the major syndromes of many diseases is a syndrome of general intoxication. It can be caused by both internal factors (the intermediate products of improper metabolism) and external (pathogenic organisms and products of their activity, as well as the consequences of environmental pollution).

Intoxication - is the main cause weakness, headache, joint pain, fatigue, fever. Intoxication may occur due to violations of their traditional way of food, various errors in the diet in the form of abuse of a fatty or sweet foods. Removal of intoxication accompanied by improved well-being and accelerating recovery in the presence of the disease.

Today enterosorbtion and its role in medicine - is a separate area of medical science. Application Enterosorbents as a treatment method based on the ability of some compounds to bind and excrete different toxic substances, complex molecules and supramolecular structures, and even the microbial cells. 

However, chelators may also be adopted by healthy people as part of the diet, as well as to maintain the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Moreover, even healthy people occasionally need a course of cleansing the body. Decision to use enterosorbent may occur due to many reasons. Conventionally, they can be divided into 3 groups. First - the presence of severe intoxication, which arose due to an infectious disease, poisoning or gross errors in the diet. The second - the neglect of proper diet, which resulted in dysfunction of the digestive system and accumulate in the body of toxic products of metabolism. The third - the desire to maintain an optimal state of the internal environment of the body and tone the digestive system.

There are many medications designed to remove toxins from the body. In particular, Russia's largest producer of bioactive complexes Artlife company offers consumers the following options Enterosorbents:
· Toxfighter Lux - an active detoxification of the body 
· Fitosorbovit - mild detoxification of the body 
· Fitosorbovit plus - the complex detoxification of the body with antispasmodic effect


Toxfighter Lux - is a highly complex enterosorbent based on herbal ingredients with the ability to tightly bind and excrete toxic substances of any origin. Its natural wheat bran, plantain leaf, sublimated beet and apple pectin is closely associated and excreted radionuclides, heavy metals and toxic metabolites. Plant extracts that have anti-inflammatory, choleretic and antispasmodic effect, promotes digestion on the background of detoxification. Enzymes papain and bromelain cleavage is carried out bolus, as well as stimulate the activity of local immunity, destroying the cells of pathogenic microorganisms. Lactobacilli occurring in this ecosystem, Toxfighter Lux, carefully preserve the natural gut flora on the background excretion of toxins.
Indications biokompleksa Toxfighter Lux: 
• dysfunction and gastrointestinal infections 
• acute and chronic infections 
• infectious and noninfectious skin diseases 
• allergic reactions 
• intoxication as a result of food poisoning 
• drug intoxication, including after administration of anabolic 
• work in the production of harmful or unfavorable environmental conditions 
Using complex Toxfighter Lux efficiently in case of high toxicity, or chronic dysfunctional disorders of the digestive system. This complex is well suited to achieve the effect of rapid detoxification.

"Fitosorbovit" - is a natural complex, which can be used to gently but effectively cleanse the body, as well as to restore the functional activity of the digestive system after eating disorders, stress and alcohol intoxication.
Polisorbovit and microcrystalline cellulose are included in this entnrosorbent have a natural plant origin and are sources of dietary fiber. They bind and excreted exogenous and endogenous toxins, heavy metals, radionuclides. In addition, dietary fiber and sugar beet sublimed tonify the intestinal wall, promotes intestinal peristalsis, and normalize its function. Anti-inflammatory and choleretic effect of tansy, rose and senna leaf, which are part of the complex, provide a soft correction of digestion and absorption of food throughout the gastrointestinal tract. It is supported by the presence of representatives of the normal intestinal flora - Lactobacillus - a part of "Fitosorbovit. 
Indications biocomplex "Fitosorbovit" 
• dietary regime 
• alcohol intoxication 
• violation of the natural microbial ecology of gut 
• toxico-allergic reactions 
• dysfunction of digestive tract, liver and pancreas 
• heavy metal poisoning and work in conditions of occupational hazards 
Biocomplex "Fitosorbovit is suitable for those who are paying attention to proper and balanced diet. Also, this complex - the ideal tool to address alcohol and drug intoxication. In addition to Tor, it is good for the prevention of disorders of intestinal motility.

Bioactive Complex Fitosorbovit plus "- is an effective enterosorbent in powder form, which must be dissolved before use in water. Extremely efficient ability to bind toxins, radinuklidy and heavy metal salts inherent polisorbovitu, microcrystalline cellulose and sublimated beet, strengthened by introducing into the complex Fitosorbovit plus bran diet. They contribute to the restoration of the intestinal mucosa and stimulate its motility. Strengthening of the complex plant components with anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, vasodilator, sokogonnym and choleretic action (St. John's wort, thoroughwax, clover, rose hips), the purification system and a complex organism. The presence of bioactive fitokompozitsii Filipendula increases the efficiency of detoxification. Meadowsweet increases the activity of liver cells and promotes their recovery, thereby expediting the binding and neutralization of toxins of any origin. The presence of complex lactobacilli can preserve the natural microbial ecology in the gut.
Indications biocomplex "Fitosorbovit plus: 
• regime of control over body weight 
• rational diet therapy 
• Alcohol or drug intoxication 
• toxico-allergic reactions 
• dysfunction of digestive tract, liver and pancreas 
• Work on hazardous work 
• prevention of dysbiosis 
Activities Complex Fitosorbovit Plus - is an ideal detoxification program for the elderly. Pronounced spasmolytic component of this fitokompozitsii makes it a good way to eliminate the negative effects of food poisoning, leading to a breach of intestinal peristalsis. 
Such a way enterosorbtion - is not only removing harmful toxins that are found in severe diseases. It is important for people who consider themselves healthy so as to reduce the level of blood cholesterol, reduces the load on the kidneys and liver, prevents penetration into the body of heavy metals and other poisons contained in automobile exhaust, industrial emissions, reduce the effects of allergens, improves the processes metabolism in the liver. In this case, chelators are absolutely safe and not harmful to human body. 
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* YS Khotimchenko - one of the leading Russian specialists in the field of entnrosorbentov