Hepar formula

Role of liver in the livelihood of life can not be overemphasized. They are involved in carbohydrate, fat, protein, mineral water, pigment, vitamins, hormone metabolism. This means that all of these substances pass through the liver in the course of transformations in our bodies. 

In addition, the liver is called the largest digestive gland. The liver secretes bile, which although does not contain digestive enzymes, but it is absolutely necessary for the digestion of fats. Bile from the liver is not directly injected into the intestine and accumulates in the gallbladder - organ, located below the liver. As the need for digestive gallbladder contracts and supplies stored bile into the intestine.

One of the most important functions of the liver, antitoxic, is eliminated from the body of harmful and toxic substances of exogenous origin, as well as harmful metabolites own body. In view of the fact that most people live in towns with their adverse environmental conditions, has a tendency to deterioration, the load on the liver of modern man is constantly growing.

This load increases as a result of temporary or permanent medication, presence of harmful habits such as smoking and alcohol abuse or excessive consumption of acute and fatty foods. Toxins from any source, hit the liver tissue, it becomes unable to fully perform the function of detoxification.

Similarly alter the activity of the liver, acute and chronic Infectious diseases - hepatitis. Hepatitis B virus destroys the very structure of the liver tissue. According to statistics, every year the number of people facing the consequences of hepatitis, increased by 100 thousand people.

For the timely support of the liver tissue, protecting the liver from damage or normalization of its activity after infectious or toxic lesions are hepatoprotectors. This is different biologically active substances that protect the membranes of liver cells (hepatocytes), normalize or enhance their functional activity, this leads to improved metabolism of liver cells and the organism as a whole.


Complex "Hepar formula" from Artlife based on the strongest hepatoprotectors herbal milk thistle Salsola collina and increase the stability of the liver to the toxic effects and contribute to the restoration of its functions.

The composition of "Hepar Formula" in addition to herbal substances include essential phospholipids. The combination of these active ingredients provides comprehensive hepatoprotective action. Then - on the table.


Name of components



Strengthening of the membranes of liver cells, 
preventing their fatty infiltration, 
obstacle to the development of cirrhosis

Choline bitartrate



Antioxidant, detoxicating, 
normalization of fat metabolism

Artichoke (root)

Activation of the synthesis of bile and facilitating its outflow

Thistle Kinky


The extract of milk thistle (silymarin 80%)

Protection and restoration of liver cells

Extract of Salsola collina

Vitamin B6

Regulation of fat, carbohydrate and protein metabolism


Effectiveness of "Hepar formula" is clinically proved. In testing complex part, with their voluntary consent of 20 persons with verified chronic Hepatitis B and C being the integration process, which were divided randomly into the basic and control groups. Patients of the main groups are combined therapy, which, apart from the base, included a reception "Hepar formula" for 24 days. The control group received only standard therapy of the disease (diet, gentle treatment, vitamins, antioxidants).

Coursework reception complex formula Hepar "showed that the weakness characteristic of all stages of chronic hepatitis and associated with defective functioning of liver cells, and corresponds to the presence of intoxication can be corrected, whereas intake of vitamins and antioksidanov this effect is not secure.




Fig. Dynamics of weakness in patients with chronic hepatitis

Fatigue is also more efficient was stopped admission of "Hepar formula" on the background of basic therapy, rather than using only the standard approaches to therapy.




Fig. Dynamics of fatigue in patients with chronic hepatitis

Liver disease accompanied by changes in taste sensations, patients complain of the bitterness and dryness in the mouth. Appointment of patients with chronic hepatitis B in the stage of the integration process of "Hepar formula" can reduce the severity of these symptoms with greater efficacy than the standard basic therapy.




Fig. Dynamics feelings of bitterness and dry mouth in patients with chronic hepatitis

The normalizing effect of the ingredients of "Hepar formula" was manifested in a tendency to a decrease in hepatomegaly - the so-called enlarged liver. Increased reception time of the complex helps to consolidate this positive effect, since the recovery of the liver - a lengthy process.




Fig. Dynamics of hepatomegaly in patients with chronic hepatitis

Complex "Hepar formula supports regenerative processes in the liver, accelerates regeneration of liver tissue after inflammatory disease (hepatitis), protects the liver from the adverse effects of the environment and in contact with harmful or poisonous substances.

Indications for the use of "Hepar formula" is the presence of the following states:
· toxic liver damage (professional, drug, alcohol) 
· steatosis 
· acute and chronic inflammatory liver disease, cirrhosis of the liver 
· chronic diseases of the gallbladder, biliary dyskinesia 
· opisthorchiasis 
· pancreatitis