Formula man

Most of the factors undermining the health of the body and provokes a number of chronic diseases are common to all and do not depend on gender. Malnutrition, lack of key micronutrients, additive exposure habits such as smoking and alcohol abuse, lack of exercise are equally harmful for both men and women. Preventing the negative impact of these factors that increase the risk of development of pathological processes that do not have the features defined by gender.

However, there are several reasons to talk about the need for specific support for men's health. In our country the problem of maintaining and improving men's health is quite acute. Suffice it to mention the fact that 100 girls were born has 106 boys. When they reach 50 years of age the number of shifts to exceed the number of women: 100 women have accounted for 82 men. In this phenomenon a number of reasons, but not the latter is the reduced level of concern about men's health.

Often the concept of "men's health" is associated with sexual function, often with no connection with reproduction or receiving pleasure. Indeed, impaired erectile function can lead to profound shifts in the emotional sphere, until the Depression, to provoke exacerbation of existing chronic disease in this background.

Erectile dysfunction in most cases related to the function of the prostate (prostate), which is involved in regulating the hormonal balance in the male, is responsible for the quality of sperm.

Age-related changes associated with a reduction in the male sex steroid production, lead to the development of violations of the functioning of the prostate gland. Disturbed flow in its tissues, increasing its volume. Congestion, low immunity and poor background bacterial organism can lead to inflammation of the prostate gland.

Rapidly "younger" category of men complained of decreased sexual function, a feeling of incomplete urination and increased frequency of urges to it (and these are typical symptoms of inflammation of the prostate - prostatitis), we can conclude that not only age-related decrease in testosterone leads to dysfunction of the prostate cancer.

Indeed, often the cause of inflammation of the prostate gland is its virus infection, most often non-specific, ie, those microbial agents that cause inflammation in other organs, or opportunistic microorganisms.

These agents are present in the human body, but cause an inflammatory response to its presence only under certain conditions - reducing resistance, frequent alcohol intoxication, the work on the production of harmful conditions. An additional factor increasing the risk of prostate inflammation, a stagnation of blood and microcirculatory disorders in the pelvic organs, particularly due to reduced physical activity. Adversely affect the health of the prostate gland and the male and transferred the operation, during which performed bladder catheterization.

Inflammation of the prostate may initially be asymptomatic, but this process leads to an increase in its volume, which affects urination. A very sick man may feel the need to urinate up to several tens of times per night! Hyperplasia (an increase of tissue), prostate can be both benign and malignant, then usually recommend surgery. Statistics of recent years is disappointing report that prostate cancer is the second leading cause of death of men in the world.

Taking into account that modern men suffer from inactivity, than women abused by nicotine and alcohol, but less than women are resistant to adverse exogenous factors, including social and psychological problems, specialists Artlife developed system designed specifically for prevention of dysfunction of the prostate and improve the synthesis of testosterone, as well as to enhance the physiological hormonal balance in the male.

Biologically active complex of Formula Men "includes natural ingredients necessary to maintain the physiological functions of the male body. It is a complex of zinc and herbs, has a mild tonic effect, improving nutrition of tissues of the endocrine glands of men.

Table 1.

The complex "formula man"


The biological effect

Saw palmetto (extract)

Has a marked anti-inflammatory effect, blocks the enzyme 5.1 reductase, converting testesteron (norm) in oksitestesteron (pathology). Prevents prostate hyperplasia, and stimulates the function of male gonads.

Parsley (leaf)

Has diuretic, disinfectant, anti-inflammatory effect. Contains vitamin C, B1, B2, K, PP, folic acid, carotene, minerals (magnesium, potassium, iron). 

Pidzheum (extract), Zinc

Enhances the synthesis and balance of male sex hormones, has a mild anti-inflammatory effect, prevents the development and progression of prostate adenoma, serves to restore the cellular structures of glandular tissue, improves the potency, improves immunity and overall health. Zinc is an integral part of the male sex hormone digidroksitestosterona

Pumpkin (seed)

Helps release the body of chloride salts, positively influences the activity of the genitourinary system, normalizes metabolism.


Bioactive complex formula to men, showed the ability to improve the condition of men who underwent surgery on the abdomen and underwent catheterization. Participation in the tests was obtained from 20 men who underwent surgery on the abdominal organs.

After operations on abdominal organs, a delay of urine. Recovery schemes traditionally involved a) the support of the infusion (infusion of nutrient solutions) and b) taking antispasmodics, which may have a diuretic effect.

Inclusion in the basic scheme of postoperative rehabilitation complex "formula man" has improved the condition of the operated males that resulted in reducing the frequency of postoperative urinary retention compared to his admission (Fig. 1).

men's formula

Figure 1. The frequency of postoperative urinary retention in the groups studied patients

There was an increase in the average number of urination on one of the surveyed (Fig. 2).

                              men's formula

Figure 2. Average number of urination in the groups surveyed patients.

In addition, the use of bioactive complex "formula man" indicators of filling and emptying of the bladder, as well as the quantity that characterizes the work of his sphincter, reaching rates significantly earlier than patients who were not taking him in the postoperative period. This indicates a decrease in swelling of the prostate, as postoperative acute urinary retention is precisely its consequence.

The improved urination and effective restoration of bladder function and sphincter after surgery on abdominal organs under the influence of "formula man" can be recommended for the prevention of diseases of the prostate and its complications.

Among the variety of problems in urology, affecting the quality of life and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) has a special place: the age of 80, 80% of men suffer from this disease. The basis of this pathology is an increase in prostate volume, the expansion of Tacna. Like any process of growth, it may be benign at first, and then under the influence of negative factors become cancerous. Complex "formula man" is not only successful in implementing prevention of prostate gland dysfunction, but also as a show long-term observations MG Alekankinoy (Blagoveshchensk), application of this complex in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia leads to improved well-being of patients.

Under the supervision of a physician were 40 men aged 66,5 ± 13,5 years, each of which were identified symptoms of BPH (a weakening of the urine stream, its intermittency, feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder, frequent urination at night to 10 times). As the performance criteria were used, in addition to anamnesis, the calculation of the total score on the international system, the total assessment of symptoms in diseases of the prostate. This is a 35-point scale (IPSS), which allows you to judge the severity of symptoms, and urodynamic study was carried out (research quality urination) before and after the appointment of "Formulas Men." The latter was administered to 2 tablets once a day

Severity of symptoms of prostate cancer, which stood at the beginning of the study decreased already in the first week of the complex, and the end of 4 was significantly decreased (Fig. 1). In the beginning of the course the severity of symptoms was 15.4 points, and by the end of the month receiving a complex decreased 2.5-fold (Fig. 3).

These instrumental examination showed an increase in bladder volume from 151.6 ml to an average of 220.5 ml srednegruppovogo rate also increased and the maximum speed of urination: from 12.0 ml / sec at the start of the reception set to 17,0 ml / sec at the moment Stops (are averages based on volunteers).

However, it should be noted that significant improvement in instrumental performance was noted only after prolonged use of "formula man" - at least 6 months. Thus, the analysis of patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia on the background of a course receive a bioactive complex formula to men, has shown its effectiveness against the disease, which allows us to recommend this product for the treatment and prevention of prostate diseases.

Who recommended acceptance of bioactive complex formula to men? Those who have:
reduction of male hormones
prostatitis, urethritis
hyperplasia / prostate adenoma
Erectile Dysfunction
reduction in overall health and immunity

Thus, bioactive complex "formula man" company Artlife can surely be called a recipe to maintain economic stability, high productivity, strong family, demographic potential, as well as a healthy gene pool. And it is - no exaggeration, since the foundation of all title is the health of our men and their self-confidence.