Formula Women

Woman - is the embodiment of beauty, love, and yet - the power, wisdom, constancy. The greatest deeds committed in the name of the woman. Mom - the first word of a man - also drawn to the woman.

Women are highly adaptive ability of the organism, which is more resistant to external factors than men. However, in the female body are troubled times.

Every woman there were cases of sudden rolls sleepiness, irritability, or vice versa. At least once in a lifetime mood changed in an instant, and that's kind of against the background of complete peace of mind and wanted to cry. A headache! Blunt or sharp and exhausting periodic, they not only deliver the troubles of the woman, but sometimes the rebound fall in her family!

Described the state at least once experienced and women, whose age was approaching the climacteric, and very young schoolgirl. The first is associated with the outgoing youth, and the second - with the upcoming critical days.

Each was in his own right. However, the blame does not age, and the fluctuations in hormone levels in the female body, and which occur in the periods described woman's life.

The level of female sex hormones, estrogen, defines a set of body functions: the mood and general state of women up to the strength of bone tissue, vascular wall stress, blood pressure, volume of fluid circulating in the body. Estrogens, acting in very small quantities have been significantly influenced by the state of all organs and systems of women.

There is evidence that those women who have hormonal imbalances in youth manifested premenstrual syndrome, in adulthood, most likely, will not avoid meeting with the climacteric. Women most often complain of typical for premenstrual and menopausal syndromes: irritability, hypersensitivity, pain.

If such symptoms are detected in girls and women of childbearing age during the second phase of the menstrual cycle, they are caused by deficient progesterone in the body and elevated in this background, the sensitivity to the action available in the body of estrogen. These hormones increase the intensity of the response to stress. And now the annoying loud sound, bright light, and from any little reason to take offense and want to cry.

If such a woman for 10-14 days prior to menstruation appoint bioactive complex "formula for women", then it contains a molecule of phytoestrogens "deceived" the endocrine system, it will create the illusion of increasing their own estrogen, and the body begins to produce the desired him to this phase of the cycle progesterone . Normalization of its level - the guarantee of the absence of PMS, whose place in life will be full communication with colleagues and friends any day of the female cycle.

In the body of a woman aged dramatically reduce estrogen levels. Against this background, the vessels have less protected from cholesterol, bone Tacna less firmly holds the calcium imbalance of excitation and inhibition of the nervous system, there is irritability and mood swings.

Bioactive complex of Formula Woman ", which contains phytoestrogens can protect women from all these troubles of mature age, with the same reliability, which maintains its balance of girls and young women. This happens due to phytoestrogens.

Phytoestrogens are similar to female estrogen in the body of its chemical structure. Therefore, when the natural level of their own hormones lowered from outside the molecule of plant origin stimulate the receptors in tissues, "tricking" them and causing a backlash.

Tissues respond to the stimulus phytoestrogens such as conventional hormones. That is, the cholesterol level drops, bone firmly holds the necessary calcium and blood vessels retained their normal tone and blood pressure does not rise. A normalization of the disturbed functions. And no irritation, because phytoestrogens equalize the balance of excitation and inhibition in the CNS, have a positive effect on mood, improve overall health.

What makes the bioactive complex "formula for women" perfectly balanced for women of any age? Scientifically-based composition of formulations, in which the ingredients are combined the action and complement each other have a regulatory effect.

Ingredients prirdnogo origin


Herbal phytoestrogens (hops, alfalfa, repyashok, Chinese angelica, Damian) and Matochkin milk

Supports natural hormonal balance, regulate the menstrual cycle. By expanding blood vessels, reduce pain, spasms and cramps associated with premenstrual syndrome.
Implement the prevention of osteoporosis.

Lemongrass, ginseng, ginkgo biloba

Tone the body, improve the microcirculation

Thistle Kinky 

Improves bile secretion and digestion


Cleaves proteins that reduce inflammation 

Freeze-dried garlic, cayenne pepper

Improve circulation, reduce cholesterol levels


Trace elements


Magnesium, potassium, iron, silicon, chromium, iodine, zinc, manganese

Maintain ionic balance, prevent the accumulation of excess water in the body, prevention of anemia, metabolic disorders, osteoporosis



vitamins C, A and E, selenium, bioflovanoidy

Preventing cellular damage by free radicals, strengthen blood vessels, improves skin and mucous membranes, promote epithelialization 

Vitamins and similar substances


Group B (B1, B2, B5, B6, B3, B9, B12, H) and P-aminobenzoic acid

Improve the functioning of the CNS, the holding of a nerve fiber, the state of the microflora. Promote healthier skin and hair, are involved in the prevention of anemia

Vitamin D

Enhances calcium absorption, increase bone density.

Gammalinolenovaya acid oktakozanol Phospholipids: inositol, choline, lecithin 

Nourish the CNS, contribute to the restoration of cell membranes, improve the quality of bile, reduces cholesterol levels


L-methionine, L-cysteine 

Involved in protein biosynthesis


The effectiveness of bioactive complex of Formula Woman in improving the functional status of the female body, including the presence of premenstrual and menopausal syndromes is clinically proved.

In testing (head Beloborodova EI) of the active complex was attended by 108 women with premenstrual and climacteric syndromes, with 54 of them were bioactive complex of Formula Woman in combination with basic therapy, and the remaining control group and received only drug therapy. The results showed that the complex of the Formula Woman helps to reduce severity of the disease, according to the dynamics of its symptoms.

Symptoms such as fatigue and weakness of character for both the premenstrual condition, and the general state of health of the woman experiencing menopause. Complex Formula Woman helps reduce the severity of these symptoms in the factor of 2 compared with controls.


           woman's formula 

Many women seek to maintain optimal weight, but often in a state of distress have no desire to eat. In this case, we know that the appetite - it's a sign of the normal state of the organism. In a study of "Formula Woman" was revealed its ability to normalize appetite, and normalization occurred more efficiently than in the control group, where treatment of premenstrual and menopausal syndromes has been traditional. 


woman's formula

Headaches can have many causes, women at critical periods of life often complain of this symptom. Systemic impact of "Formula Woman" on the body seen in the fact that complaints of a headache after taking a course presented with significantly less complex than in the control group.


woman's formula

Similar dynamics were characteristic of migraine headaches. Their frequency in the background taking a course of "Formula Woman" dropped from 20% to 2%, whereas in the control group there was decrease in the frequency of complaints of this symptom is only a factor of 2, the frequency of its detection decreased from 18% to 9%.


woman's formula

Despite the complexity of a mechanism to increase pressure in women at critical periods of life, the complex of the Formula Woman effectively helps to cope with this symptom for women of any age. On the background of a course taking the complex pressure frequency registration of high blood pressure decreased by more than 4 times, while on the background of a traditional therapeutic approach is only 1,6 times.


woman's formula

At certain periods of life, some loss of libido seems natural, however, do not wait, when the fact of decreasing libido negatively affect the relationship with my boyfriend, and as a consequence, will cause an imbalance of all the usual ways of life. In the case where a decrease of sexual desire prevents feel full and healthy, effective support to provide integrated "Formula Woman. The frequency of complaints of decreased libido decreased from 40% to 9, whereas in the control group rate was almost unchanged.


woman's formula

These facts explain much of the ability of "Formula Woman" to improve the emotional state, as judged by test results Spielberg on reactive anxiety (Fig. 1).


woman's formula


Test results Spielberg to reactive anxiety in women surveyed

Restoring emotional background to normal under the influence of "Formula Woman has a beneficial effect on the work of internal organs, as evidenced by the test results to determine the autonomic disorders (Fig. 2)


woman's formula

Test results to determine the autonomic dysfunctions in women surveyed

Thus, the complex of the Formula Woman of ArtLife - a balanced fitokompozitsiya, designed to create a strong foundation for women's health at any age. It will help to cope with the critical days, to prevent the unwanted symptoms of the mature period, would help achieve a balanced level of hormones in women. And it means, help a woman feel truly healthy, and then it will succeed, what wish - whether it's the joy of motherhood or rapid career growth! 


· improved synthesis of female sex hormones
· maintaining the balance of female sex hormones 
· premenstrual syndrome 
· menopause 
· dry skin, brittle hair and nails

· prevention of inflammations of female genital