Canadian scientist Hans Selye (1936-1979 years), first discovered that in response to different quality, but the strong damaging stimuli in the body develops the same set of changes. This first adaptive response he called stress. All influencing factors we intervene in normal state of the organism in some way violating or at least changing it. There is a need for adaptive responses to restore the state standards throughout the body.

Today, the word "stress" has a new meaning: the so-called unintended "shaking of the body, the consequences of which we know not only the leaders, policies, or businessman, but also for housewives. In the most general sense for the body stress are increased efforts, excessive fatigue, pain, fear, and the need to focus on. Stress for the organism are sharp comment made publicly, blood loss or even sudden a huge success, leading to the need to break the traditional way of life.

The complex changes occurring in the body of the stress, it is a physiological reaction to external stimulation. During stress in the body glands of internal secretion is released a number of biologically active substances, hormones and neurotransmitters. In particular, the adrenal glands are released adrenaline and cortisol. Under their influence, the faster the splitting of glucose, the muscles, including cardiac, get more energy, increase in breathing, increased oxygen supply. All of the above extends the provisions of an organism and allows you to do something that would never have done a man at rest.

It turns out that stress - is it good? When a person is in danger or he is required maximum mobilization of the so-called acute stress, indeed, something even useful. But! In very limited quantities! Because even when the situation is no longer critical, and the action of stress factors disappear in the body for some time, the preparation of adrenaline and cortisol. And if you do not give your body a break, there will be accumulation of concentrations of these molecules, stress, and increase the duration of their biological effects. This can lead to a breakdown of the body because of any living system is the limit of endurance.

If the action of stress factors occur regularly, then the stress becomes chronic. And here is not far from the development of serious diseases. Not by chance the roots of hypertension, stomach ulcers, cardiovascular dysfunction and digestive systems, reproductive disorders, and many other pathological states lie in the zone of stress. Low resistance to it is a factor that provokes many chronic diseases.


Complex "Neyrostabil" Company Art Life was created to increase resistance to stress.

Its balanced formulation that allows to make complex stress-protective ingredients in the diet of anyone, provides effective support to the work of the CNS.

Slide 8.9 - on the table. The composition and the effect of "Neyrostabil"




Vegetable origin:
Motherwort, Hops (cone) 
Marjoram, peony (root), Cyprus

Mild sedative,
soothing, relaxing. 
Optional: anti-inflammatory, 
moderate bactericidal

Amino acids and minerals:

L-glutamic acid, magnesium, potassium

Strengthening of the central nervous system and support its



, ,


Vitamin PP, Biotin, Vitamin B1,

Vitamin B6, Vitamin B2,
D-calcium pantothenate

Regulation of the metabolism of fats, proteins, carbohydrates.
Support for the normal structure of nerve.


Folic Acid, Vitamin B12

normalization of the structure and function 
peripheral nerves

Vitamin D3

Normalization of exchange, 
ensure its full assimilation



Improve the efficiency of the organism to stress under the influence of "Neyrostabil" ensured the presence of glutamic acid, which is a necessary party to the synthesis of acetylcholine in the body, provides control over the balance of excitation - inhibition in the CNS, and thus prevents from ungrounded expressions of biological reactions to stress (cry , crying, despair), rescues from negative emotions.

The advantage of the relaxation of the body under the influence of natural herbal ingredients of "Neyrostabil is their mild sedative effect that does not violate the natural biorhythms of the person. The body easily comes out of the state of excitation and acceleration, and strong deep sleep gives way to the awakening of a stress-free, but with the joy of the coming of a new day. A powerful vitamin-mineral composition of this complex produces the necessary support to the body during the day, protecting him from overwork and exhaustion.

The effectiveness of the complex was proved in a clinical setting as an example of positive influence on the relief of diseases having a "stressor roots": a stomach ulcer and hypertension. In a study of a series which evaluated the effectiveness of "Neyrostabil in combined therapy of acute gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer, was attended by 102 volunteers, 52 of them received conventional therapy and the control group, the remaining 50 had been included in the therapy of complex Neyrostabil.

The inclusion of bioactive complex treatment regimen allowed significantly reduce the time of pain and dyspeptic syndromes, as well as possible scarring ulcers of the stomach and duodenum (Fig. 2).



Figure 1. Terms of relief of pain and dyspeptic syndromes.

and the timing of scarring ulcers of the stomach and duodenum

That is, stabilization of state of the CNS, reducing the severity of the reaction to stimulation accelerated the restoration of the integrity of the gastrointestinal mucosa and normalization of digestion.



Figure 2. Terms of scarring ulcers of the stomach and duodenum.

Of the patients treated for ulcer disease, has been allocated a group of patients with essential hypertension stage I. Application of "Neyrostabil" has improved their condition, which was confirmed by a significant reduction in symptoms: In addition, 40% of patients treated with complex Neyrostabil "succeeded in lowering blood pressure, whereas the therapy used in the control group, positive dynamics of the disease observed in only 31% of cases.

In the group that takes the "Neyrostabil, speed dynamics of regress of symptoms of hypertension was higher than in the group, which took the standard regimens.



Figure 3. Dynamics of the symptoms of hypertension in the groups of volunteers. 

So, considering the data obtained in the analysis of the effectiveness of "Neyrostabil" in patients with diseases that have a stress origin who can recommend his appointment? Those who complain of low mood, increased irritability, emotional instability, tearfulness, and in the following states (recommendation: look at the slide, the disease is not necessarily pronounce).

Complex "Neyrostabil helps restore and maintain the balance between excitation and inhibition in the CNS, which is the key to resistance to any stress factor. It provides a reliable reinforcement resources of the body, making any stress from the destructive mechanism in the only adaptive response in the body in response to a stimulus!