Functional Cosmetics Art Life for Men


Say that the body - a temple for the soul. A church should be clean and bright. Agree, our skin - is the most amazing creation, it gives us a sense of life, experience love, joy feelings.
Argued that few men are interested in the care of the skin. But this is a misconception, especially since it is men's skin has a number of distinctive features and requires greater care. Aggression daily shaving, dry skin - typically male problem. Must enter into a deformational - daily care.
Cosmetic products - dynamically developing company profile Artlife . Beauty products for men - a new program aimed at professional daily skin care.
The line of men based on the natural strength and vitality of Siberian cedar. Each formula means the line FC for men contains the extract of pine needles.
CO2-extracts - the technology of extracting active ingredients from plant material. Extraction process occurs under high pressure (79 atmospheres) in carbon dioxide environment. Carbon dioxide - a very inert molecule. In contrast to the oxygen (or air), carbon dioxide is not able to oxidize, or damage the beneficial components of plants. High-pressure carbon dioxide is liquefied, it becomes as dense as a liquid, but it remains pervasive, like gas. Under these conditions, plant material goes into the liquid phase, it does not require any chemical solvents and impurities.
After the extraction process the pressure returns to normal, the excess carbon dioxide evaporates, leaving only fragments of liquefied plant fully preserve all useful properties. All this makes it possible to obtain extracts, most intense and active.
Cedar - the cup of life, a symbol of strength, health, power, glory and immortality.
Recording secret special knowledge of Sumer believed that the cedar was created by God as energy storage space on the ground.
Modern biologists have confirmed the ancient idea - the cedar has a soul. This amazing tree has the same biological rhythms as people.
In modern herbal medicine natural extract of cedar is a powerful tool to enhance the immune system, has high antibacterial properties against pathogenic microorganisms, fungi and viruses. Extract of the cedar tree - a great tool to maintain vascular tone and strengthen their walls. Has powerful antioxidant properties, enhances the processes of tissue metabolism, accelerates the healing of micro traumas, it prevents cell aging. Provides a regenerative effect on the skin and tissues, stimulates cell renewal.
For the modern man is extremely important fast and effective results. Funds through Functional Cosmetics for men complement each other perfectly and provide quality care.
Shaving - the need of daily treatment, but that was really comfortable shave beard should be well softened and the skin treated with vehicle for maximum ease razor glide.
Today, the stereotype that the more foam the better way to shave, but to believe wrongly, because because of its air texture foam creates a tight barrier and is capable of rapidly soften stubble. For this ideal gel structure.
Shaving Gel FC for men provides a comfortable and safe shave even the most sensitive skin. Due to its gel structure due to the low foaming, it is much faster and deeper than any other air foam and shaving penetrates into the stubble, perfectly moisturises the upper skin layer, creates a protective barrier, thereby providing an ideal soft and safe razor glide.

Antibacterial components:
• possess anti-inflammatory properties
• prevent the development of pathogens and does not violate the natural microflora of the skin. With these components reduces the risk of infection.
Carrageenan - a unique polysaccharide. He has excellent moisturizing the upper layer of skin cells and creates a protective barrier, thus providing an ideal soft and safe razor glide. Prevents damage, protects and leaves skin smooth.
After Shave Balm FC for men is designed specifically to restore the skin after shaving procedure, active protection against the influence of environmental factors and intensive moisturizing. Balm contains active ingredients that support the skin tone and improves its elasticity and barrier function. They contribute to the restoration of the protective layer of skin, healing minor injuries.
The composition of Balm after shave is included elements of lactate. Menthyl lactate consisting of menthol and lactic acid, which has a cooling effect, normalizes the ph balance and consequently eliminates the discomfort and irritation.
Gel-shampoo FC for men is designed specifically for the simultaneous body skin care, hair and scalp. Comfort and versatility makes it suitable for any situation: sports, travel, vacation.
• Suitable for daily care.
• Noble fragrance tones and energizes the whole day.
• Gel Shampoo contains all the necessary ingredients to allow carefully and gently cleanse the hair and skin from pollution, maintain the natural balance of microflora provides a protective, moisturizing effect.
Gel-shampoo shower provides a reliable body care.
Noble aroma gel shampoo shower FC for men, gives freshness and tones. It contains active ingredients that allow carefully and gently cleanse the skin from pollution, maintain the natural balance of microflora provides a protective and moisturizing properties. Caffeine activates the metabolism, promotes cell renewal of epidermis. Part of the gel-shampoo glyceryl oleate softens and moisturizes the skin for 24 hours. Perfect for an invigorating morning shower after sports activities or the working day ... its air foam and freshness help regain strength.
Gel-shampoo shower provides the perfect hair care.
Gently and thoroughly cleanses your hair and scalp from pollution. Due to the low-molecular formula, included in its composition phytocomplex deeply penetrates the hair, restoring its structure, gently treat hair and scalp, prevents dandruff and hair loss. Provides gentle conditioning effect. Suitable for all hair types for everyday use.
The pace of modern life drives us into the rigid framework. Today, the crucial role played by the speed of decision-making, risk, change.

The highlight of the male line FC for men is a unique extract of Siberian cedar. At the heart of its action laid mitigation and protection of the skin, the need to charge her for the day, to eliminate discomfort, improve complexion and improve the tone. And all this in order to live here and now "- and that means actively express themselves today, not clinging to the past and no hope for tomorrow.
Live "now" - it means every moment engaged in realization of their abilities, using the best situation.
Live "now" - is to see, hear and feel particularly keenly, without losing sight of the circle of his attention is not a single grain of what is available sight, hearing, heart in tune ...
Cosmetic line of skin care men's FC for men - it uncompromising cosmetics designed by Artlife company specifically for men.