Program 24/24

We want to approach the art of facial skin care and body from a scientific point of view.
The human body is unique, and the skin - unique double, as is the largest organ of its functions and laws. It is a complex and delicate structure that has a robust and powerful potential recovery. This self-regulating system.
We consider it our duty not to aggressive methods of care, but only to give all the material necessary for self-regulation and repair the skin. Therefore, we develop a soft, natural basis for drugs that are not only able to correct some problems, but also to prevent their occurrence in the future. But in order to care program, you have created a more efficient, we refer to "the origins of the universe."
Unwritten laws of nature, modern man needs to know to improve their health and beauty.
Known chronobiology, Dr. Franz Halberg of the American University of Minnesota says: "The human body exists its schedule of life ". First of all, make a reservation, that the differences in the cycles of waking up earlier than others - The Lark , or, conversely,  joint - night owls may be about two hours. This is an important addition to taking into account individual characteristics of the organism.
Our program we called the Artlife Program "24/24". It's easy enough to understand. Care needed to build such a way that take into account the need to continually face and body for nutrients. However, we can not ignore the fact that complete regeneration of the skin occurs every 24 days. Following from the above, in order to remedy for skin care has given a visible and tangible impact, they need to enjoy every day of the month.
From 23 to 4 hours
 I do not casually start my excursion into the chronobiological features of our skin from this point of reference. This time - the best for sleep, which will reward you with beauty and health. Just at the clock updates the greatest number of cells. If a person has a deep sleep, the cells are able to share in the eight times more active than at any other time of day. It is therefore important to monitor its future on the eve of a pleasant and without anxiety dreams, if necessary, by accepting funds with soothing ingredients (eg Sedagel). At this time the blood is hormone resistance: circulating growth hormone, and their enemy  - cortisol (stress hormone) is present only in low concentrations.
From 4:00
The body is activated, and begin the processes associated with the struggle to prevent premature aging. It is very important to take care of the skin at night before bedtime, at this time of tissue taken away like a sponge for their biological needs of the substance of the creams. In particular, well embedded in the skin moisturizing agents, specialized bioveschestva and antioxidants.
From 5 - 6 hours
Adrenals send "stress hormone " in the blood, thus starting wake of the body. Increased blood pressure, body temperature and adrenaline levels. Buds again begin their work actively declined dramatically during the night.
In these hours are reduced regeneration. At this time, very helpful to take a douche, which will help to better circulation of hormone wake-up and you will definitely cheer up.
From 7 - 8 hours
Here we must recall the remarkable phrase: "Breakfast sesh himself, lunch shared with others, and a supper give the enemy". At that time, carbohydrates are eaten immediately disintegrate and turn mainly to the energy. Everything that you ate for breakfast, has no property is deposited in adipose tissue. Therefore, a full breakfast will not prevent your body. It is important for the prevention and correction of cellulite.
Morning skin care should be well prepared her to load the upcoming days. To remove waste products that are skin produces during the night, with a soft cleansing by means of a series: Inkaps, breaking, FC. Then should be applied to the skin moisturizer or anti-oxidants, such as: Matting Cream of the series "Inkaps, face cream in a series of" trial "for men - shaving is a daily procedure using gel for a soft and comfortable shave, and further softening of the skin after-shave balm. Many women with delayed for various reasons, circulation suffer from morning puffiness under the eyes. This is the most opportune time to clean up the eyelids, using the eye cream with a patented complex and horse chestnut extract. Dietary supplements or drinks for breakfast will help prophylaxis hypo - and vitamin deficiency and counter biological aging, normalizing constant internal environment and support the skin from the inside.
From 8 to 11 hours
Blood circulation reaches a good level. The body's defenses are completely restored. By this time the blood is a large percentage of cortisone and of the same sports events should be avoided, but the mental load does not hurt.
From 11 to 13 hours
This period is the most active of the sebaceous glands. If you struck earlier in the morning Matting Cream Inkaps or After Shave Balm from the male line, the problem of visible oily sheen does not concern you. At this time there is active growth of hair and nails, so it is important to take these early dietary supplements that affect these derivatives of skin (hair and nails) to provide the cells of a building material.
From 13 to 14 hours
The body starts to decrease blood pressure and hormones. It is time to fatigue. No wonder the Italians in this time of suit "siesta". Perhaps mature skin at this time does not look as brilliant as you'd like. Skin is prone to wrinkles, skin color changes. Need not despair. If you afford a 15-minute sleep is impossible, you should clean the skin and cause a lifting mask, and then - the cream of a series of "trial" to consolidate the actions mask. Visual lift will allow you to look impressive until late evening.
From 15 to 17 hours
At this time it is better to leave your skin alone, as the body in a state of decline. The skin is very resistant to cosmetics. This time, aggravation of taste sensations.
From 17 to 21 hours
Close to the body during the second peak. Increases blood circulation, rich enough oxygen. Heart and lungs are working very actively. This period is ideal for the self - and massage (use Body Lotion Massage) for gymnastic exercises, because now you can easily cope with exercise, then you can apply for a body contouring cream.
From 19 to 22chasov
Since that time and up to 22.00 leather most actively takes active preparations. At this time, it must carefully clean the skin of makeup and external contamination, and then put the cream on the issue, but there is a condition: All creams are applied for 1 - 2 hours before bedtime. It is important to determine the optimal time, depending on the mode of your holiday. At this time, soothing and effective microbicides, such as balsam of the line's functional or cosmetic cream for local application of a series of "Inkaps. Also do not forget about the body, it does not require less cleaning and control of circulatory insufficiency in the legs (Gel Scrub shower FC, Body Lotion Revitalizing FC), anti-cellulite, for improving healing mikrotrav and just to moisten the skin (cream for body modeling FC, Cream Spray FC).
From 17 to 18 hours
The best time to digest food. And it should be the last for the day, based on the recommendations on improvement of nutrition. These recommendations may relate not only to high-quality supply-side, but the regimen. It is extremely important! Now better absorb calcium, so you need to take at this time such as Kaltsimaks.
With 23 hours
Comes the low activity of capillaries, decreased blood pressure. Organism is most prone to inflammation and bleeding. From that hour the nervous system begins to relax. Simultaneously lowers metabolism, reduces heart rate. Do not forget: a late night dinner breaks calm the digestive tract and is deposited in the form of ballast in the esophagus, which can lead to metabolic disorders. So think before you start your meal at this late hour. Some people after such a meal can appear red spots on the skin in the morning after sleep.