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Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)

Vitamin B6

Activity of vitamin B6 has a group of compounds, pyridine derivatives (pyridoxine (piridoksol), pyridoxal and pyridoxamine), collectively called pyridoxine. 

Sources of vegetable

Unrefined cereals, green leafy vegetables, yeast, buckwheat and peshenichnaya cereals, rice, beans, carrots, avocados, bananas, walnuts, molasses, cabbage, sweet corn, field mustard, potatoes and soybeans. Herbs: plantain, alfalfa, catnip, oat straw.

Sources of animals

Meat, fish, oysters, milk, cod liver oil and cattle, kidney, heart, egg yolk.

Synthesis in the body

Synthesized by intestinal microflora.


Plays an important role in metabolism, essential for the normal functioning of the central and peripheral nervous system is involved in the synthesis of neurotransmitters. In the phosphorylated form provides a process of decarboxylation, transamination, deamination of amino acids involved in the synthesis of proteins, enzymes, hemoglobin, prostaglandins, exchange of serotonin, catecholamines, glutamate, GABA, histamine, and improves the use of unsaturated fatty acids, lowers cholesterol and blood lipids, improves myocardial contractility, contributes to the transformation of folic acid in its active form, stimulates hematopoiesis.

Atherosclerosis vitamin B6 improves lipid metabolism.

Daily maintenance

Age, years - B6, mg

0-1/2 - 0,5

1/2-1 - 0,6

3.1 - 0.9

4.6 - 1.3

7-10 - 1.6

11-14 - 1,8

15-18 - 2,0

19-59 -2,0

60-74 - 2,2

Older than 75 - 2,2

11-14 - 1,6

15-18 - 1,6

19-59 - 1,8

60-74 - 2

Older than 75 - 2

Pregnant + 0,3

Lactating + 0,5

The need for pyridoxine increases with antidepressants and oral contraceptives, during times of stress and increased stress, as well as in drinkers and smokers.

Elevated levels of protein in the diet rich in tryptophan, methionine, cysteine, as well as intestinal infections also increase the need for pyridoxine.

Higher doses of vitamin B6 are needed for AIDS, hepatitis, radiation sickness.

Symptoms of hypovitaminosis:

cramps, depression, irritability, lethargy, increased anxiety, insomnia

dermatitis on the face, above the eyebrows, around the eyes, sometimes on the neck and scalp, dry dermatitis in the nasolabial folds, seborrhea, glossitis, cheilosis with vertical fissures of lips, stomatitis

loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting (especially in pregnant women)

conjunctivitis, polyneuritis of the upper and lower extremities

Lack of pyridoxine leads to a decrease in an indicator of the immune system as the number of T-lymphocytes.

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