Acute intestinal infections and Supplements ART LIFE

Department of Infectious Diseases epidemiology VGMA, 12 City Clinical Hospital of Infectious Diseases

We studied clinical and immunological parameters in the appointment of dietary supplements (BAS) companies ARTLIFE 28 patients with acute intestinal infections (dysentery, salmonellosis, etc.).
We used the following supplements: TOKSFAYTER, COMPLEX ENZYME PLUS, Green Star, Super Shield.
The comparison was performed with a control group of patients receiving conventional therapy.
The results were taken into account in 5-7 days.
Enable BAD ART LIFE in the treatment of patients with acute intestinal infections resulted in more rapid normalization of body temperature to 19.4% versus 4.5%, the disappearance of toxic symptoms (weakness, loss of appetite, nausea) 2-3 times and normalization of stool in 1 9 times faster.
Immunodeficiency state, naturally evolving with acute intestinal infections, under the influence of dietary supplements also disappeared more quickly and fully. Increased number of T-and B-lymphocytes, TFCH, TGF and Eakt Rock, lowered the content of anti-genchuvstvitelnyh M-ROCK in the immunological analysis. Thus, the amount of TGF-rock increased from 43 to 76 ± 0,1 ± 0,13 h103 / mklb, E-rock - with 54,3 ± 2,9 to 68,2 ± 2,7, Eakt-ROCK - 21, 6 ± / .7-1,7 to 33,6 ± 1,5 h103/mkl (P <0.01).
Thus, it can be argued that the inclusion of biologically active additives to food firms ART LIFE in the complex treatment of patients with acute intestinal infections has a positive clinical and immunological effect and can be recommended for wide introduction into practice.