Outpatient treatment proctologic bolnyhs using dietary supplements ART LIFE

GD MUHOPADOVA, Proctologic, Voronezh

Biologically active additives in various fields of surgery as a prophylactic and therapeutic purposes, as well as for rehabilitation in the postoperative period after chemo-and radiotherapy in oncology have been used recently, but already proved their unquestionable advantage compared to many drugs.
From August 1999 to August 2000 in a regional polyclinic in Voronezh accepted 3,067 patients. In all cases, applied to food supplements (dietary supplements) of ART LIFE. For the treatment of acute hemorrhoids ABITEL used in conjunction with the candles with propolis, or sessile baths with salt ESOBEL soothing.
The program of anti-inflammatory treatment in patients with purulent wounds in the postoperative period, regarding cancer used a purulent cavity lavage solution Argolife in conjunction with the reception Discovery CHARM OR DISCOVERY POWER, GREEN STAR, SUPER Shield. Patients suffering from constipation, TOKSFAYTER administered in combination with the enzyme complex or PLUS GASTROKALM.
In the case of diseases ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, erosive proktosigmoiditom added to the main treatment method: beta-carotene, vitamin E, ESSENTSIAL OIL, ATSIDOBAK, BIFIDOBAK. These supplements promoted rapid epithelialization of the mucosa, restoration of intestinal flora.
If in the early postoperative period after hemorrhoidectomy developed scar narrowing the anus, it has been used successfully SUPERSHILD with probing, thus avoiding re-operation, sometimes more traumatic than the last.
The use of dietary supplements ART LIFE is now important also because it reduces the number of patients requiring hospital treatment, reduces the time of disability by 10-20%, promotes the unloading of beds.