Experience in the use of drugs of Art Life in the complex treatment of helminth-parasitic infestation.

BELLY VV Chief physician clinics Cultural Center of the Armed Forces of Russia.
Excerpts from the report at a medical conference (Moscow, 2005).
Today it is considered a proven fact that about 80% of cancers are consequences of late-diagnosed and untreated infestations.
The urgency of the problem increases, and because the parasites are very much burdened (and often provoke the beginning) of diseases such as
genitourinary infection
bronchial asthma,
pathological menopause, etc.
In parallel with the development and improvement of diagnostic methods is an active development of new drugs treatment of this pathology. Almost all of them represent different combinations of herbs that have long been used in folk medicine.
Among these drugs notable are Natural Food Company ARTLIFE : Fitosorbovit, Toksfayter, artemisinin, Holegon, Hepar Formula Gepaton 2, the enzyme complex plus, Atsidobak and Bifidobak, a group of vitamins.
These drugs have a pronounced therapeutic profilaktichemkim action against helminth-parasitic infestation. Their efficiency increases to 95% at a joint application with pharma: Vermoks, pyrantel, biltricid.