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Have made Americans closet for easy storage of their prophetic. They have become quite well-known and seen in many homes. Probablytheir best feature is that they do not take up much space. At present, the most famous are KOMANDOR, which in Moscow, you can view and purchase online: We can recall their predecessor - when the doors open in the conventional cabinet, it takes a lot of space, and sliding-door wardrobes only on light movement emergedby the access to things and does not need any additional space.

The main feature is that the wardrobe bought, but do not buy. This is due to the fact that the owners in order to achieve perfection in his house should determine the size and location for the enclosure. And they need to know exactlyHow many want shelves, baskets, space for clothing.

Produce closet can and balconies, as well as the bathroom. Since he is not afraid of water, and the doors of galvanized metal.

Their main element is - the door. They may be manufactured with a finishing plate or only. They are mirrored and glass. However, there may be combined and doors - a mirror or glass top placed chipboard. Everything depends on the place where it will be a wardrobe. If a narrow or dark room is suitable mirror box, and if the library is better to buy a glass, transparent.

To use two door mechanism withIstemi:

  • Placed in the door frame of aluminum or steel roller (plastic or steel), which ride along the slot. There are two drawbacks: the minor bumps tall doors can slide off the rails; the movement of the door may prevent dust, animal dander;
  • Roleski move on the rail.
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