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As a method of self-modification Tatuirova

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From the dawn of time, man is continually trying to somehow change, improve communicationoh style, his appearance. Prerequisites for such behavior in our time is quite logical - so people trying to somehow stand out from the gray mass, especially in large cities. As a rule, modern man in this respect in this respect is trying to bring some changes, innovations in their appearance by choosing the elements garderoba, make-up, the tactics of behavior in society, etc.

However, there is also a method of self-modification, which anciently used soldiers to intimidate their enemies on the battlefield. This art is called a tattoo. Her exact age probably will not say no scientist, but its popularity does not loseso far. The application of a certain pattern on soybean body is pretty strong message of society, radically changes your image and makes others quite differently perceive you.

Those who resort to such creativity, has long been a well-established personality, with their own views on occurringe around. At the same time it should not be associated exclusively with criminal circles as tattooing has long gone beyond that. But we should not forget that both there and in the civilian tattoo has a meaning, so the choice of the figure should be treated very responsible.

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