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Dizinsektsiya and its basic methods

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Pest control - this is neededMay procedure to combat synanthropic insects, various pests and disease vectors. This procedure can be performed several basic methods. Here are some of them:

  • Biological method , which is often used to kill insects, in particular tolobster. It uses microbiological solutions. They are carried out in small basements and reservoirs;
  • Mechanical method , which is positioned as the use of mosquito nets, sticky paper, electrical flycatchers. In practice, it is not as effective as other methods of dealing with unwanted insectsE;
  • The chemical method , which is based on the use of special chemicals (dezinsektikov). Apply insect, mite larvae.

There is also the practice and theory in the process of so many different kinds of performing solutions:

  1. Veterinary disinfestation , which is carried out to create a favorable and safe operation of veterinary clinics. Since most of the animals are transferred to a multitude of insects, mites, these animals can rapidly infect an entire room by these parasiteItami;
  2. Medical disinfestation , carried out in hospitals, maternity hospitals, polyclinics. It is carried out to kill lice, bedbugs, fleas, cockroaches. Laundry patients should be carried out systematically, as well as the adoption of water treatments patients. It is also necessary to monitor the water and GTRintroductory systems for compliance with all technical requirements.

All this disinfestation spend only highly qualified specialists and inspectors who can be trusted this work, in view of the special tolerances and proper training. They have all the necessary knowledge and skillsfor the excellent work and kill insects. This is being done to prevent and complete purification facilities from pests.

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