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< p style = "text-align: left;"> For our country, the city of Lviv played a special value (for some - a sacred, but for others - on the contrary, etc.ovolno contradictory). It is a city with a long history, which has left its amazing track and in the city, and its inhabitants. And of course it is a special feeling in the hearts of its many visitors. He may like it, but maybe not, but for the vast majority of people in our country, Lviv with at least one point of view isunifying factor. The fact that it is in close proximity to the borders of the European Union, has an extensive transport network and the international airport, which is, so to speak, by air "window to Europe" (and the rest of the world).

Everyday Lviv International Airport receives and sends tenyatki flights on which a lot of passengers fly on vacation, study, work. Compared to the road - it's faster and more secure form of transport is sometimes the only possibility to reach the destination.

all the inhabitants of our country and the airport combines the opportunity to advancereserve the necessary space on the flight, that is, to buy. This can be done through the internet service from the company "Hermes-Air." This is a young and pretty promising team, each member of which is exactly understand why it works and how to carry out the desire of the client as comfortable as possible. In addition, the company provides itsm customers to participate in the funded program, according to which patrons can count on certain bonuses and discounts.

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