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What is the closet?

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closet very quickly and comfortably into our daily life, representing an integral part of modern and comfortablennogo interior of any apartment or house. They first appeared in the 90's and became popular very quickly. The main advantage of these enclosures is a roller sliding door system. This system includes a profile (steel or aluminum frame), track and rollers. And all of these listed items together constitute a slide mechanismNotices of the cabinet. By the way, you can e-shop furniture Bonus.

Sliding doors come in several forms:

  • built - this is when cabinets are not the back wall;
  • housing - which have a single structure made of side and rear walls.

The main feature of the body of the cabinet is that it can be placed without any problems at any place. And the side and rear walls prevent wear and damage to the walls. Built-in cabinets, on the other hand, will be more functional as they use all the space.

In addition toaddition, there is one particular kind of wardrobe, which can be implemented and chassis, and integrated. This - Radius closet. Its main feature is   specific form of the door (combined, asymmetrical, round, oval, curved). This species is classified as a separate line in the production of these cabinets. Doors in this shkaFe-compartment can be quite varied. They can be as fully mirrored, but may be made of plywood or chipboard. Also, these doors can be decorated in different styles and colors.

It is very popular and looks nice door with sandblasted pattern. Can also be used matte drawing in any styleie, in the selection of your decor. And can be used decorative film: it can be done in different positions - in short, if you wish. Wardrobe - very convenient, roomy and functional piece of furniture in your home.

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