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Does sex get rid of acne and rashes otugrevoy

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Each of us at one time held the active period of puberty,which is accompanied by an unstable and sometimes increased hormonal imbalance. All this leads to the fact that disrupted (greatly amplified) secretion of various glands.

In most cases, it concerns the sebaceous glands, which is manifested in the appearance of acne on the skin. This phenomenon, which probably familiareach and deliver in time a lot of problems, primarily psychological in nature. As a rule, the end of the period or the beginning of a full sexual life of these problems go away, but it is not always. And here the question arises, which is certainly relevant to many: and acne?

Despite the fact that a casual examination of the issue becomes too obvious answer (perhaps all of this just like), the situation - extremely ambiguous.

The main stumbling block in this case is the mechanism of acne. In adolescence, acne is triggered by tooth active play and changes in hormonal levels, on the basis of puberty, but in later years became a cause disruption of balance. In addition, the important point is hormonal nature, men and women, that is, hormones that are responsible for sexual pleasure and sexual health - testosterone and estrogen, withootvetstvenno.

In principle, everything here is pretty simple: if sex is such, that brings a really fun, and not just a "correction needs", the hormones getting better and decrease acne.

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