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Childhood diseases: sudamen

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sudamen is a frequent occurrence in young children, and it is very worried parents. But notso do not worry. Through this are all kids at that age. Sudamen is localized and widespread. When localized form this rash located on only one area. The most common place is:

  • face;
  • groin;
  • buttocks;
  • neck;
  • hands and feet.

The itching and anxiety does not cause the baby. The rash appears as redness, and small bubbles appear. This rash may increase or decrease. The occurrence of prickly heat – it is a consequenceWii overheating. Every mom trying to keep your baby from wind, drafts and may slightly overdone, very warm to wear. Special treatment of prickly heat is not required. But some of the recommendations should be followed:

  1. Toddler Clothing should be made only from natural substances that she did not betla, and does not create discomfort;
  2. Try to keep your baby without diapers;
  3. Do not use ointments and lotions;
  4. Take frequent air baths for the baby.

It is also necessary to observe personal hygiene. So that malysh were always clean and vyutyuzhennye diapers. Do not need to wear a child a lot of things. Ventilation of the room is very important, and it should happen quite often. Also important daily baths, and dry it thoroughly after bathing. Monitor the skin folds and all the child because his skin is very delicate and sensitive. Proper hygieneand compliance and - this is the first, and it determines the health and condition of your baby. Care for the child very carefully and responsibly, and then it will be all right, you will grow only joy.

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