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Why do I need a work visa Schengen

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In order to work abroad nuzhno open work permit, which is issued at the request of a foreign employer, which in turn sends the necessary papers to you. The firm must obtain permission from the authorities for the right to hire employees because of the cordon. Documents that must be submitted upon departure, are:

  • Ukrainian and zagranichny passport;
  • two photos;
  • properly completed and signed application form;
  • copy of the original documents for a work permit;
  • list which officially confirms offer to foreignCOMP ANIES about hiring. Sometimes it can be quite unexpected documents such yak: a statement from the loony clinic or the consulate will want to have a conversation.

An employee who travels abroad at the invitation of the employer may make a Schengen visa to work for a year or own allocation. For them to getNotices needs some time, but you get a guarantee and will be planned by the deadline. According to statistics, in Europe there are more than two hundred thousand vacancies, that is, the chances of finding a job are quite high.

When should note that for the issuance of an embassy takes charge. Cost Shengenskoy visaleaves 35 euros, but there is no national. Sumy may vary, depending on the importance of visa and embassy tariffs.

Leaving from Ukraine abroad to work, if between the two countries under international agreements on employment, in order to get a work visa conditions that are usedthere are due.

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