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Men's cosmetics Savage

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Savage cosmetics of Artlife company

It is for these men who do not know the word 'no' to those accustomed to winning, for those who have chosen their path and moves it no matter what difficulties we have created a series of new products under the name Savage.

In developing these tools it became apparent that require special ingredients. And such an ingredient was found - it Crodarom Dragon's Blood. He has a wound healing effect, prevents the growth of harmful bacteria, reduces inflammation, has antioxidant svoystvami.S this ingredient of legends, which opens the secrets of the depths of the rainforest.

Blood Dragon
For centuries, Peruvian Indians from generation to generation the secret of making potions, which was applied to the body to make him invulnerable, increase stamina and energy opportunities for participation in multi-day hunt. One of its main components was sap of the tree Croton lechleri, which the Indians called dragon's blood. This juice contains a complex Crodarom Dragon's Blood.

The mixed blood of the dragon tree extract, they were used as internal and external means: the wounds to prevent bleeding and speed healing, fractures, like anti-virus software with the inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.

Blood Dragon's extremely effective at stimulating and damage to the skin, such as allergic reactions to plant or insect bites.

In South America, particularly Peru, dragon's blood is used today in traditional medicine gerbalnoy almost in the same form as it is used and are using the Indians.
Blood Dragon - a phytochemical pantry items, which contains proanthocyanidins (antioxidant, anti-oxidant), simple phenols, phytosterols, biologically active alkaloids and lignin.

We present our three new products savage hair care and skin care - shampoo, shower gel, deodorant-antiperspirant.

Shampoo Savage
Full of freshness and energy, the shampoo will make your hair strong and obedient, fill them with force. It gently cleans, moisturizes and softens the hair and scalp, but also eliminates static electricity.

Tender and gentle cleansing of hair and scalp provides a gentle surfactant (surface active agent) Proteol APL - a product of natural origin, derived from the essential amino acids of apple juice. Proteol APL provides incredible softness of shampoo, but also gives a very nice, dense foam and ultrasoft, fully preserves the protective lipid barrier of the skin.

The basis of the shampoo is a unique complex Crodarom Dragon's Blood. It perfectly stimulates the regeneration and protects the hair and scalp from external influences.

Also, the shampoo contains extracts of bilberry, nettle and sweet flag. Vitamin complex and trace elements contained in the extract of bilberry, enhance the hair, nourishes the skin and hair. Nettle extract moisturizes and restores hair keratin structure that allows them to be healthy. In turn, an extract of sweet flag has a tonic, anti-fungicidal effect, prevents hair fall and dandruff.

The combination of the shampoo complex Crodarom Dragon's Blood and calamus extract, nettle and cranberries regulates metabolic processes in the hair follicle, strengthens hair and prevents hair loss and normalizes blood supply to the cells of the scalp, improves condition of hair, perfect skin tones.

Shower Gel Savage
Hard rhythm of the city requires special procedures at the end of the day. The energy, freshness and endless freedom - all this will give you a shower gel Savage. It fills your skin with moisture, softens and adds a light fragrance awakens the senses.

Gel formula is based on a unique complex Crodarom Dragon's Blood, which protects the skin from irritation and external influences, stimulates the regeneration, promotes healing of microcracks.

The gel contains a blend of active ingredients that gently cleanse your skin and saturate it with nutrients, restore power and give a unique feeling of freshness after a shower. Included in the extracts of cranberry and aspen relieve inflammation, have bactericidal and regenerative effect, soothing the skin.

Shower Gel Savage - a second wind in your skin after you shower each.

Antiperspirant deodorant Savage
We are all faced with the choice of deodorant, which would be reliably protected from odors and stains from perspiration. We have studied all about sweating and ingredients that help to regulate and protect against odors. Based on this knowledge, we have created a deodorant antiperspirant Savage, who meets all the requirements of the rhythm of life of modern man, working when necessary.

Thanks to a special formula deodorant regulates perspiration, effectively and permanently protects against odors. It provides long-term clean and fresh, leaves no visible marks on clothing. Complex Crodarom Dragon's Blood has antibacterial action, protects the skin from irritation and external influences.

Antiperspirant deodorant Savage gives you protection and confidence.

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