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The new, more beautiful and stylish label perfectly reflects the mood and purpose of the drink - a product for sports nutrition. Pinotel recommended at increased physical activity to improve the energy balance in the body and maintain the desired muscle mass, as well as to recuperate from illness and weakened immunity.

Cocktail balanced in amino acid content and is close to the ideal protein through a combination of proteins of plant and animal origin (pine nuts, soy protein and albumin), enriched with vitamins B, C, PP, E, L-carnitine and L-taurine.

Protein Cedar is ideal in its composition, it is close to human proteins, which leads to its complete assimilation. According to chemical studies, the protein Cedar is very much essential amino acids. And more of them than in milk and meat! A vitamin pine nuts in ten times more than in any other.

As part of the cocktail also contains soy protein and egg protein - albumin. Soy protein is rich in glutamine, which is necessary for people of intellectual labor, children with delayed neuropsychological development, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression and impotence. Just as in the nucleoli of pine nuts, contains the amino acid arginine - a powerful immunomodulator.

Albumin is recognized as the best sources of protein for the human body and biological reference values, since its amino acid composition of the most balanced. It has almost 100% absorption of fat-burning and has the property.

So, with all its incredible benefits Pinotel nizkokalorien, and fat contains less than 5%. Perfect for cocktail parties, which control body weight. And while building muscle mass is very effective when used before and after workouts.

Taking a protein-vitamin cocktail Pinotel balance, you will receive, along with the pleasant taste of pine nuts, the most valuable - health!

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