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Soup - Cream "Forest"

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Soup - Cream Forest Artlife

The new functional food product, "Soup-Cream Forest with porcini mushrooms and juniper", is made only from natural and beneficial ingredients: dried berries, mushrooms, onions, herbs and poultry, as well as cream, potato flakes and corn starch. Delicate creamy mushroom soup tastes complement juniper berries. They give the dish a distinctive, "hunting" flavor and aroma reminiscent of tart smell of the forest and fire.

White mushrooms are unique in their nutritional qualities. They contain a large amount of easily digestible protein and fiber, carbohydrates, amino acids, fatty acids and essential oils. Content of vitamin B mushrooms are not inferior to cereals, and vitamin D in mushrooms is not less than butter. In the white mushrooms also contain vitamin A. and

But the greatest significance is contained in the mushrooms lecithin which prevents deposition of cholesterol.

Useful properties of juniper berries are known from time immemorial. Their infusion and decoction of edema, kidney stones, inflammation of the bladder and other diseases of urinary system.

Contained in the juniper essential oil has a strong diuretic and expectorant, antibacterial and choleretic effect.

Excellent nutritional properties of a cream-soup, "Forest" reinforced a powerful antioxidant effect, due to components that are enriched in a functional product. Its natural vitamins A and E, zinc, copper and selenium protect against oxidative changes, thereby delaying the process of aging.

Thus, eating cream-soup "Forest", you can have a good contribution to the maintenance of his youth and health.

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