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In some cases, cause the surgeon to house

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In spite of the apparent scientific and technical superiority of modern and comfortablennogo society over their even the closest (in terms of 5-10 years) predecessors, the problem of development of various diseases remains relevant. Their complexity is completely different, which leads to the fact that some diseases can be successfully treated by yourself at home, mastering himself, while others require specialized inpatient care in aLINIK. Usually, if the house happens to any force majeure situation we are accustomed to call an ambulance, but there are cases that do not fall under the principle in nature and specifics of emergency medical care, and thus attracting such cases ambulances is inappropriate. < / p>

Sometimesthe patient can be difficult to get to the hospital and in such cases is a popular service doctor on call surgeon at the house. In this case, the patient will be able to count on a comprehensive examination, diagnosis, proper treatment assignment. To such services, in such a big city like St. Petersburg resort not only people who are not physically in the stateoyanii get to the hospital, but also quite active in the business plan of citizens who value their time, and privacy settings. Can be extremely useful in the following cases:

- in situations where there is an active phase of fracture treatment or rehabilitation period;
- treatment of boils;
- arrabotka ulcers, pressure sores, burns, ingrown nails;
- processing and sewing deep wounds;
- the imposition of gypsum mass;
- the need to put a shot and so on. n.

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