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MEDTOUR in Israel

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It so happened that at the mention of Japan, all immediately think about electronics, Germany – machine building, and Israel – this treatment. And so organized that every patient is surrounded by a caring, understanding and comfort. Israeli hospitals provided with the most high-tech equipment and the most qualified personnel. A significant part of the staff at all levels is fluent in Russian, and some kinds of technology invented and usedare only in Israel. It is obvious and financial benefits: visa-free regime and almost threefold difference in the cost of treatment (in comparison with the same in Western Europe) create the conditions for a speedy cure.

Cancer – not a sentence

All of this suggests that if you neois evenly thorough examination, diagnosis or high specification medical services, the best choice – the acquisition of medical tour.

Let us consider a concrete example. begins with the conclusion of the contract with the coordinator, who will organize your MEDTOUR. You can, of course, apply to any lFor the clinic directly, but in this case you may have to organize their stay, take turns on expert advice that can stretch over time and significantly increase costs.

    Everything else, if the organization of your stay and treatment by specialists:
  • programtreatment and record on consultation and diagnosis is made well before your arrival in Israel;
  • everything is organized so that you get the maximum effect in the shortest time;
  • with the arrival of you accompanies coordinator, organizing your movements between diagnostic and treatment centers cusnicknames.

In Israel, cancer – is just one of a variety of human diseases, which must be cured. And this is the easier than ever before revealed the disease. In addition, treatment in Israel allows impact locally to the affected fragment without affecting healthy organs and systems. For example, radiationtherapy produced a dot and with minimal doses. And surgery is most often done endoscopically with minimal traumatic effect. Cheers!

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