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Question of the day: the meter

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Meter – an indispensable instrument in the kits of each itematsienta diagnosed with diabetes. With this device you can get accurate information about the content of glucose in your blood and take appropriate action.

What other features are typical for this device? And what options to consider when choosing a meter?

Format analysis. is currently on the market are glucometers, which allows analysis of almost Field: Outdoors, on the beach, in a hotel, at home or at their summer cottage. This adaptation of a series of « One Touch » To perform a blood test, you do not need to use cnetsialny machine or go into a sterile room. Main – make a small incision and place one drop of tape on the strap. A minute later, you'll get accurate data about the state of your body.

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Error error. Another important criterion for selection of glucometers – margin of error. It should be minimal, otherwise conclusions about the obtained data may be wrong, and you, in turn, take actions that only hurt your body.

Types of blood glucose meters. Today you will findon pharmacy shelves and in catalogs online stores three types of blood glucose meters:

- electrochemical;

- photometric;

- Raman.

Everyone has their own characteristics and advantages. Considered the most reliable glucometers thate work on « Raman » principle. Its advantage is that for the analysis of the patient's blood is not needed. You'll learn about his condition thanks to the spectral analysis of a certain area of ??the skin. The more intense the color, the greater the higher the level of glucose in your blood.

Get a quality meter&Ndash; Take diabetes under control!

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