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What are the heaters

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The water heater - a device for heating water on the local system. There are three types of databurs: storage, flow and combined.

The most application to use it flow. It is made of heat exchanger tubes within which water flows. As the heating elements are often used tubular heaters, heating uninsulated electric coilsand gas burner indirect heating, i.e. water tube located inside the container with the coolant and the furnace sunlight. From this we can conclude that the flow heaters are electric, gas and special.

As for the electric, they have a very comfortable size, often vstreed in the form of a box from under the shoe and have a small mass. Characterized by their capacity for two or more shade. Means that are mounted in these two or more tubes which are separate and common switches. Temperature can be controlled by means of a crane, which is at the input, i.e. when the water flow is greater then IUnshe temperature, and vice versa, respectively, when the temperature is greater, the less the flow. When do you plan to connect to the electricity network, make sure the heater power is necessary to choose the right electric cable and place of connection. To do this, use a circuit breaker or switch box.

Water heaters also have a pressure sensor or the flow of water. If there is no central water supply, it is worth noting the tank with water to a height of not less than 3 m.

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