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What you should know about cataracts?

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Cataract – insidious disease which threatens people aged 50 lem. It consists in the clouding of the lens of the eye. or other city today fairly common phenomenon. It should be noted that cataracts – unpleasant eye disease that can be removed only by surgery.

Features diseases

Our lens, education, kotoRoe is responsible for the refraction of light inside the eye. Some parts regularly grow throughout a person's life. In this case, the dead, obsolete fiber gradually pushed away from the edges of the lens to the center. This process causes the formation to 50 years cloudy core of the lens inside – this is the beginning of the formation of cataracts.

The first sign of cataract – one begins to see worse in bright sunlight, and only in cloudy weather starts to improve visual acuity. Short-term effect of relief given special drops, which is in the arsenal of almost every doctor. However, it is worth remembering – without cataract surgery Curebe impossible, so do not believe the noisy advertising and various « traditional healers ».

Do not be afraid of surgery – Modern methods allow for this procedure is quick and painless. In addition, the maturity stage of cataract is absolutely irrelevant. Usually operation lengthed no more than 15 minutes. The incision through which the cataract is removed, miniscule size, so that even there is no need to impose seams. Normal vision is restored within a day after the surgery. Age and occupation of the patient also play no role for surgery. Doctors insist that delay the operasatsiey not worth it, otherwise you can cause complications.

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