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The use of garlic in diabetes

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Our body is a rather complex combination of systems and organs, which, although they performdifferent functions, but they do so in strict compliance and synchronization process with the other participants. Regulatory functions in the body perform hormones that are synthesized by various glands of the endocrine system.

One of the most important gland is the pancreas, which is responsible for the synthesis of the hormoneand insulin to regulate blood sugar levels. If the work is broken cancer and hormone synthesis, which leads to its deficiency, blood sugar rises and develops a serious illness such as diabetes.

The disease has irreparable harm to the work and of the nervous, cardiovascular systemWe, kidneys, and so. d. Thus it is necessary to regularly monitor blood sugar levels and the need to balance the balance of the use of insulin, as well as to comply with a strict diet.

At the same time, few people know and oriented in that only a positive effect on the body has a simple. This product is veryrich in a variety of vitamin complexes, minerals, amino acids and other essential trace elements and compounds.

Its use is justified and clinical studies that show that regular consumption of garlic significantly lowers blood sugar (more than a quarter). Furthermore, increases: LevelHb insulin, which also helps to normalize sugar balance. Should not be at the same time fall into euphoria, because garlic is only an aid, which must be taken in conjunction with the prescribed treatment and diet.

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