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Decking for walls

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Today is a huge demand has profiled. This is made of metal rollingtonnes of galvanized steel. High quality steel is used, and a polymer coated layer. Very diverse areas of use of corrugated board. can in special DIY stores or online.

This type of rental is considered the most relevant and popular material. He has a great outside Vidom, reliable, durable and durable. The product is used in many fields, such as: installation of roofing, fences, gates, load-bearing structures in buildings. Profiled selected according to the brand.

For each type of work is a certain brand of profiled sheet. For example, for walls need a sheet of stamps C. Letter aboutvalue indicates that the product is used for facing vertical structures.

determine the specific purposes for which you get a steel sheet. It is important to choose the right mark sheet. It is necessary to match the flooring all technical requirements and standards.

brand searchNotices C8 is perfect for wall coverings. Figure 8 indicates the profile height, width – 1200 mm. For example, you have decided to revet walls and this brand is a good option. This small section height, respectively, and will be less accumulation of dirt.

In order to extend the period of operation of profiled sheet must be purr?sti products with a special polymer layer. At the gas station, where there is exposure to aggressive atmosphere, trapezoidal sheet C8 is simply indispensable for covering walls.

It is also used sheet metal C10, C18, C20. &Laquo; C » indicates the purpose of the profile for wall construction. The product of rolled metal maRAF C21 used only if the surface is defined by the load. In the process of selection of profiled sheet must take into account the load, which is made on the product.

It is also important to take into account the appropriate color din material. Necessary and mix with a palette of buildings. For example, if you can note to choose the right color, it is best to buy unpainted sheet and cover yourself of the paint, what you like. You will have a wonderful and a great product.

You can also order a decorative color scheme. All this is solvable, if we apply the special patterns. Suppose you have some hnaniya and skills in the construction field, you can perform a finishing house walls themselves. But if you do not have the slightest understanding of and experience in the construction business, it is better to invite professionals.

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