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Ureaplasmosis influence on pregnancy and the fetus

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Having a baby is not only the most anticipated and joyful event in the life of any family, butand a natural consequence of its creation (from the point of view of nature - a continuation of the species and the preservation of the population). N spite of the fact that the process of conception is extremely pleasant and sensual, we should not forget that the approach it should be possible to prepared, especially with regard to the health of both partners. The fact that we havethe outside world, which is full of a variety of pathogens infections, the existence of which we can not guess until entering the body (both in principle and for a long time after that). These infections can not in principle have any devastating effect on a woman's body, but the health and condition of the fetus,which she wears under her heart, they can have the most devastating effect.

That is why, on the eve of conception or immediately after it, many doctors recommend strongly, testing to identify the body of so-called TORCH-infections (intrauterine infections), which are pathogensvarious viruses, bacteria or parasitic organisms. They get inside the mother's body during sexual intercourse with an infected person, or during childbirth from an infected mother (in this case, the infection can stay in the genital tract for quite a long time in an inactive state).

One of thesediseases that are statistically detected in 70% of women, is ureaplasmosis. Its special feature is the long asymptomatic stay in the body, the so-called hibernation. Moreover, infection in this case may not lead to an immediate development ureaplazmoza. The fact that the study shows the presence of vaginal microfloras-causing microbes, the majority of women. But, as in the case of Helicobacter causes gastric ulcer, a concentration increase can lead to the development of the active phase and ureaplazmoza.

Question ureaplasmosis influence on pregnancy and the fetus, and, consequently, the need for treatment, enough neodnoznAchen. For example, in the western practice, it is not considered as a disease that can have a significant impact on the developing fetus during pregnancy and in general. Thus, even tests for ureaplasmosis was not used, as required or even recommended.

The situation is different in the post easyspaces where tactics and strategy may differ significantly from the western practice. We have taken sometimes significantly exaggerate the problem. In particular, ureaplasmosis considered one of the causes of miscarriage, premature birth, and the like, therefore, to apply different kinds of antibiotics, the role of which is to suppress the microflora organic, youureaplasmosis binding. But everything must be approached carefully.

It should be clearly understood that only one ureaplasmosis, or rather his microorganism causing no harm either the mother or child, and applied antibiotic therapy brings calm a doctor and mother, who, by the way after it should solveproblems with intestinal microflora already.

Analyses after the use of antibiotics can show absolutely identical results. And here it should be clear that the reason for the above-described problems with the pregnancy becomes not ureaplasmosis (more precisely, it is not exclusively), and its combination with other, more dangerous, TORCHinfection are - chlamydia and mycoplasmosis.

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