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Manufacturing steps stucco

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This is an extremely bustling work that needs to cost a lot of time and financial costs, but finiteth result worthy of such victims, because even small pieces of this material is an ornament to any interior and gives a sense of chic.

In particular, there are several types of materials that are used for stucco is cement, clay, clay and plaster. Last bought most common annextion, and requires a specific, complex process and permanent restoration to preserve the beautiful appearance. They are mostly placed on the facades.

There are several manufacturing steps:

I - manufacturing model. At this stage typically use clay or clay, i.e. mjasoft materials. The model is created in order to cast from plaster decoration in the future. Using clay at this stage can be changed any number of times, until you get the desired product.
II - Formation of the product model. At this stage in order to achieve an ideal embodiment need to model had no defekta and obtain an accurate relief. To do this, dissolve plaster to the consistency of thick cream, and then fill material. However, care should be taken in the sense that the texture does not contain air bubbles.
III - The finished product is filled with pictures and made the final decoration of this product. Gypsum is relativelyit can be applied to all kinds of coatings, because it possesses minerals.

Stucco plaster from this extraordinary decoration for any property that creates a feeling of a royal castle.

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