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What is chondrosis

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chondrosis - a disease which is characterized precisely by replacing individual sections of cartilage tissue inbone. It is just the first step to osteochondrosis. Sufficiently long period of time it was thought that this disease comes with age, and suffer more often older people. On the one hand this is a true statement, because the symptoms appear after 55 years, 80% of people, but not everyone. However, the symptoms began to appear and also litz a young age, so the fact that the disease affects age, is not accurate.

The causes of the disease are still not able to reliably find out, as some people have finally developed the defeat of the spine, and in some - not. However, some of the main factors is still possible to identify:

- Obesity;
- chronic stress;
- Unbalanced and poor nutrition;
- Defects device - musculoskeletal;
- Long Term position in an uncomfortable position;
- The lack of activity;

Symptoms chondrosis:

- Back Pain;
- Feeling the crunch inspine during movement;
- Periodic sharp pain in the back;
- Pain with different localization, it all depends on the location of the lesion;

And now, perhaps, the most important thing - that will be long enough. As is well known, that the injections and tablets to treat effectively. So all you need tos get rid of the disease, it is:

  • a constant massage, which effectively help to get rid of the pain and stress;
  • treatment with herbal medicine - it would be as an additional method of treatment;
  • and the best is yet - Training and treatment with leechesand. After all, in their saliva has an antibiotic that fights with the salts in the body, which is necessary for chondrosis.
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