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Pork sausage Mettvurst

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Every nation has its own characteristics, culture and typical associative phormy unique to her and naturally arise in the mind of any person, regardless of nationality. For example, at the mention of Germany, certainly arises in the minds of quality, pedantry, beer, and of course, sausage (or sausage in the broadest sense of the word). One of the most famous German sausages considered Mettvurst - strongly apodisaggregated as pork sausage, which is aged and susceptible to smoking in its raw form.

In fact, Mettvurst - is not the only type of sausage and intact group jerked and raw sausage varieties. The formulation of these sausages may vary significantly depending on the region (eg, north and south), or a historycal era. As the ingredients are changed, and accordingly, the taste characteristics, and of course, the method of preparation. The only thing that unites all these varieties of sausages - this is a common meat ingredients (beef, pork, greasy slices). By the way, you can find various online:

Methods, etc.Flow Chart data sausage varieties is quite similar to the preparation of salami: frozen meat is ground to a state of meat, it is added nitrite salt, pepper, flavors and seasonings. Stuffed into the shell mixture amenable to cold smoked, followed by maturation (usually for one week).

If we talk about a particular recipe, then for example, the Rhine mettvursta rich variety of ingredients such as: nitrite salt, pepper, mace, ginger, cardamom and color stabilizer.

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